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The Night my World got Turned Upside Down.

Last night, I was minding my own business...casually surfing the web, possibly, maybe, perhaps, but I'll never tell for sure, looking for a giant tub of Nutella.

(Courtesy Google Images)

As visions of Nutella (with sparkly pink heart bubbles floating around it) danced in my head, I stumbled upon a site. (Say that..."a site"...with the most disgust and disdain you can possibly muster.)

A site that suggested that Nutella was not pronounced "NUH-tella" but, actually, "NEW-tella".


What does this all mean? What is this world coming to?

I cried. And prayed. Then cried some more...and took it to Twitter. I had to know...was I the only one living in the dark?

Dear Nutella Dudes: I realize you're from Italy, or Germany, or, you know, one of those countries over there...but c'mon! I just spend the best part of my adult life calling your product "NUH-tella"...and think about it! It only makes sense!!

It is made with "NUTS". Not "NEWTS".

The least you could've done, oh dear and lovely Nutella dudes, was put a little umlaut or a cute little line or something above that 'u'! Anything to give this "midwestern to the core" girl a hint that even tho this delicious little treat was made with NUTS it wasn't prounced that way!

Throw me a bone here!

This is just...I just can't...well...I can't wrap my head around it.

It's just so wrong. (Don't even tell me that it's right...'cuz I'll still think it's wrong.)

NUH-tella. It's the only way I can say it!


  1. I'm...devastated. This has upset my world as well. I had no idea.

    My husband says "NEWtella" but I would laugh benevolently in his direction with the thought that he doesn't know any better. And now...sigh. To me it'll always be "NUTella", I don't care who says otherwise.

  2. Haha, I live in Italy and call it nuh..I will have to ask a European how they say it, just to see! In my opinion the one from over here vs Canada is SO much better! Creamier, I think. They even have all kinds of crazy snack packs. Like ones with nutella, little bread sticks and oj. Then a single serving pack of three, one in fancy jars, etc! Send me your address and I will send you a treat!

  3. It was called NUHtella when I was in Scotland.

  4. I have never heard it pronoucned NUH-tella. (And I've lived in OH, NC and TX) My entire life it's been NEW-tella... I don't know any different!

    And, NUH-tella just sounds weird. Sorry! :)

    To each his own, I guess!

  5. It seems to me that the commercials I've seen for it lately say "nuh" which makes way more sense to me.

  6. I'm in NC and I've always heard NUH- tella... and Nicole is right, the commercials say NUH-tella :) No worries!!

  7. I'm reading this at the EXACT same time there's a commercial on for the product in question. At first, it sounded like NUH, but after turning up the volume to 1200 decibals, it is NEW...but they said it like new-TELL-ah.

    And now that I know that...I'm deaf.

    You're welcome.


    Australians say Nuh-tella...

    but the US commercial sounds more like NEW-tella...

  9. I've always pronounced it NEW-tella, but NUH-tella makes way more sense!

  10. A proud Canadian and mom of three boys who are officially ADDICTED to Nutella and I will tell you, emphatically and without hesitation that this wonder-food is pronounced:


    There is no other way around it...Nuhtella sounds really silly to me.

    Come on ladies....say it with me, 'NEWWWWWWWTELLA!"


  11. Whatever! LOL- I've never heard it pronounced "NEW" tella. I just saw a commercial of it this morning and I'm pretty sure they called it "NUT" tella. Now I'll have to pay more attention....;)
    Our entire family devours it like it's our job, and WE proudly call it "NUT" tella. ;)

  12. I have always called it New-tella. But I have been told I always pronounce everything wrong. Car-mul, tar-us etc. Call it what you want, the stuff is like crack in this house :-D

  13. Everyone I know here in the Pacific Northwest calls it NEW-tella. That's my story.

  14. That's how I pronounce it, as well. Even the commercial pronounces it NUH-Tella. Weirdos.

  15. I think I say new-tella, but that might be the southern in me, lol...i actually can't figure out how I say it now, damn hahaha...

  16. We in the south call it "New-tella" I am surprised you northerners don't call it "Naytella" haha JK! ;)

  17. I think I've always heard it and pronounced it as "new-tella." Sorry to disappoint!

  18. Is it made with hazelnuts or hazelnewts??? Seriously, who the heck says New-tella??? Insanity!! It's Nuh-tella!!!!

  19. PS. What is it anyway? I've always thought it looked like chocolate pb but have never tried it.

  20. I don't know which is right or wrong, but I've always heard "new-tella"...but it could be a North/South kind of thing! I'm guessing the people who know for sure are the big wigs who actually manufacture the stuff! And I've never actually tried Nutella...I don't like hazelnut stuff as a general I'm not sure I would like it anyway!

    Good luck on your quest to determine the "correct" pronunciation!

  21. Im from Germany and we say NEWtella. It could be a language barrier but thats the way Ive always said it. I remember when I used to go visit home and then come back here and my friends would laugh at me when I had a Nutella sandwich for lunch. Now its so popular! But I have to say, its SO much better when its from Germany. Much much much creamier!

  22. you're wrong.
    whomever told you to pronounce it that way is wrong.
    now and forever.

  23. Sorry girlie I'm going with NEWtella...and since that's what the makes of the stuff call it I'm saying I'm right. :)


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