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Mama M. Meets P-Dub

When I heard that the ever so enjoyable and adorable, Pioneer Woman was going to be just a mere two hours away from me, today...I had a decision to make.

I hmm'd and hah'd, I contemplated and considered, I debated...and decided.

I knew if I didn't go...I'd be kicking myself in the head for the rest of my life (and, um...have you ever tried kicking yourself in the head? It hurts, and I know I would've pulled a hamstring...I don't recommend it.)

So, I harassed my mom into coming along, dragged
my two girls with...and set off to the Mall of America.

We, naively thinking, it would be a quaint little event...imagine my surprise, when I saw a line that surely must've been 18 miles long.

At least.

And, I'm probably being conservative.

So, I snapped a picture from afar (an iPhone pic, nonetheless...for stupid ol' me forgot my camera at home!! Bah!)...and we set off to "let the line die down" while we ate some lunch.

After a leisurely hectic lunch at Johnny Rockets, we headed back...certain the line must've shrunk to at least 1 mile long.

We were wrong.

Oh, were we wrong.

Yes, the line was about 10 feet.

So, we parked ourselves at the back of the 18 mile minus 10 feet line...and ended up meeting some pretty fab people!! (Hi Jenny and Ryan (whose blog is private!)!!)

In fact, we spent so much time with these people, that I'm certain I could probably tell you their life histories.

And their lineage.

The birthday's of their Grandmothers.

And, probably the names of their first pets.

It's a darn good thing they were so fun!!

And...I had a little eye candy to help pass the time!

Oh, yes, my friends...that is Marlboro Man. The Marlboro Man.

Sigh...he's everybit as hunky in real life as he is on blogs.

Trust me (*fans self*)...

As if that weren't enough..."Mall Cops: Mall of America" was also being filmed!

And, now...I'm also a reality TV star. Ahem.

Or not.

So, anywho...we're waiting in line, my mom takes Baby Girl potty, comes back 27.3 minutes later, and says, astounded, "Have you even moved?"

I take a look back, and say, "Um...yeah. Probably about ten tiles."

We take to chatting with those around us, spending so much time with them, that I now consider them family.

They're coming to Thanksgiving dinner.

And bringing the stuffing...we swapped recipes.

Okay, I'm kidding...but, man, we did share some laughs! Especially when Baby Girl dumped her Orange Julius on herself and ended up scoring a Pioneer Woman T-shirt early! (Thanks guys!!)

We also had this, to watch:

And, I'll vouch...those adorable little boys do, in fact, take up impromptu UFC matches.

It's hilarious!

They were playing with those things...those...those...line maker things? You know, the ribbons that stretch between two posts to make, um...well...people corrals?

Yeah!! Those things!

So, those boys were playing with them, intently connecting and disconnecting them and we were chatting, the boys and I...about castrating calves and, know, ranch stuff...and they were doing such a good job with the line maker things, that I said, "Hey, do you guys wanna be security guards when you grow up?"

"No!!!!", they said.

"Well, whadya wanna be?"

"A rancher!", totally, duh!!

I loved it! I could've packaged 'em up and took 'em home with me. They were so stinkin' cute...and that Marlboro Man?

Not too shabby himself! ;)

Oh, yeah...I already mentioned that., who did I go to see again?

Oh...that's right!

Sweet, adorable, P-Dub herself.

And, half my life was finally my turn!!

I plopped myself down next to her, and proceeded to babble

I'm quite certain I told her my life history.

And that of Jenny's.

And, probably Ryan's, too.

She was a great listener, and oh so sweet to my babies!! She adored and complimented them, and left Miss E. pining for a new mother.

A mother that lives on a ranch.

And makes things like "Ribeye with Whiskey Sauce" and "Chocolate Sheet Cake".

And has a dog named Charlie.

And a husband named Marlboro Man.

But, for now...she's stuck with me.

Poor thing.


Even after 47 hours, Ree Drummond was still smiling...and her hand wasn't even all deformed from signing,, a billion cookbooks?!!! was great meeting you today!

And totally worth half my life.

All my love,


  1. Love it. Toadily jealous. TOADILY! Talk about someone having to remember the little people - small potatoes when YOU met Pioneer Woman!

    Marlboro Man...aaahhheemm....NICE!

  2. Can I say jealous! I am seeping green with envy of you! I am sad her tour isn't coming to Canada.

  3. Yes yes yes, especially to the long wait and Marlboro Man parts. I had a great time with you guys. Your girls were fantastic and impressed me so much. Say hi to your mom!

  4. I may get in trouble for asking this, but...who is this Pioneer Woman you speak of that everyone is so fond of? Maybe if I was a mother I would know?!

    You and your girls are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. woohoo, look at you!! So FUN!! Glad you had the opportunity and seized it!

  6. I've only recently gotten a glimpse of Pioneer Woman. She seems fabulous from what I can see. And for you to go all the way there and wait like a gazillion minutes with two girls in tow, she must be all that! Good for you for persevering.

  7. Um..I'm not jealous, but only because..I don't really read her blog or anything..but I AM jealous of your super hot mom hair..Did you get it cut again? You look super cute!

  8. Awesome! I'm going to meet her next month! :)

  9. Oh, you're so lucky. Since I live in your neck of the woods, I would have loved to have gone, but I already had plans!

    Thanks so much for the pics and the play by play post. Awesome!

  10. Awwww ... so jealous!!! But the 18 mile long line makes me feel better about not getting there (and I only live 10 minutes from the MOA). Thanks for sharing the great pictures from your day there.

  11. I too only live 10 minutes away but I had to work! I so wanted to go! I would have sat with you for hours on end!

  12. I've read a ton of posts on meeting PW at book signing...yours is my fave by far! Great job and darn it I'm jealous. Can't imagine her coming to the far away Pacific Northwest...sigh!

  13. MMMMMMMMMMM, I LOVE me some MM. Um, and I guess PW is cool, too. Looks like fun and I am *SO* totally jealous!

  14. Oh Gosh, your hilarious! I so much enjoyed this post (I came over through a link at PW's) I love her new hair color! You are so funny about the "fan's self" and your Miss E pining for a new mother. too cute!

  15. This was so cute to read! I am soooo jealous! I would LOVE to meet P-Dub!

  16. Loved your post! I was at Mall of America for PW's cookbook signing as well! Great pics of MM and the boys! Sounds like you were quite entertained! :)

  17. kinda jealous as I love her recipes ...not sure I would have waited that long w/ kiddos though!
    LOVE the hair by the way!!!

  18. I am dying to meet her. She is my new obsession! She's coming 3 1/2 hours from me, but I'm so selfish with my time, I don't want to wait that long, isn't that terrible???

  19. What a great rendition of your day! Laughed so loud about you inviting your line friends to Thanksgiving dinner : ) How funny is that?

  20. what we ladies won't do for a night out on the town, eh? Sounds like you had a slow motion :)

  21. Hah! Totally loved your post! I can't get over the MOA signing!

    AND you are first on PW list of blogs :)

  22. Hi. My daughter and I were behind you in line when your daughter spilled the orange julius on herself.. We had to leave before I could get my book signed and meet Ree. Just wondering what time you finally got up to meet her? Cindy

  23. Hi there! I was the girl at the very end of the line with you in the yellow sweater that decided to leave!! I'm so glad you finally made it up to get your book signed, and it looks like you had tons of fun. I of course, went home empty handed, but I'm glad you made it though line. It was nice to meet you and how cool she linked to your blog!

  24. Hi,

    Stumbled on your blog from PW's site. Very jealous you got to see her, get your book signed...and yes, that you even got to stand in line.

    Somehow I don't think she's going to make it to Camp Humphreys in South Korea.

    I enjoyed your post - you've got a great writing style.

    Much love from an overseas Army wife,

  25. I'm going to meet her tomorrow in Dallas. Thanks for the heads up on the long lines. How cool that you got to meet MM and the boys, too!

  26. How fun to read your story! Great blog; great writing!

    See you on BlogFrog! :)


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