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Needed: One pair of Big Girl Panties



I sound tough, don't I? I'm trying to build myself up. Get a little courage...get a little gutsy...step waaaaayyyyyy outside of my comfort zone.

Like, waaaaayyyyyyyy outside.

So...I got my hair cut yesterday. To say I was looking forward to it, is a HUGE understatement. I was giddy, ecstatic, overjoyed at the prospect of getting my "Hot Mom Hair" back!

I asked for "stacked" and "inverted"...but, perhaps I was speaking gibberish. In fact, I'm now convinced that I was speaking gibberish...because I didn't get stacked OR inverted.

What I got was more, "Hi, I'm a middle aged woman trying to look like I could be young enough to be a fan of Justin Biebers"...or is it Jason Beiber? James Beeber? Who the heck is this kid?

All I know is that my stylist was a fan of his. I think I should have taken that as my first clue that things weren't gonna go so well!

Now I have "Twelve Year Old Girl Hair". And, lemme tell ya...on a 33 year old mama, it ain't so cute.

I need to show you... I sit. Chewing my nails...afraid to hurt feelings...worried about "confrontation"...wondering if I should just suck it up and not say a word.

(ACK! I hate this!!)

I need some Big Girl Panties...and STAT! Please? The bigger the better...I've gotta be the world's biggest wimp.

Do you think you could come hold my hand while I make this call? I'm not sure my intestines can handle this.

Or...better yet...will you just call for me?

Pretty please?

I've got some chocolate covered strawberries I could give you? :D


  1. I know what it's like to be disappointed with a much anticipated haircut. :( I think your hair looks kind of cute! But if you aren't happy, that's all that matters. Why don't you find a pic of the hairstyle you really want and take it to the stylist. Explain that THIS is what you had intended to describe and could she pretty please maybe get it to look like THIS and not like the president of Justin Beiber's fan club??? ;)

  2. I'll call for you. Give me the number. The manager there needs to have a talk with whoever did that and give you a better style for free. (hopefully the girl that cut it wasn't the manager). Or I'll send you big girl panties. You decide.

  3. Pull up those big girl panties and pick up the phone. You've got this! Now go...and don't come back until you've done it!
    I am awaitng my long overdue Tuesday. I know how you must feel. Have a great day!

  4. Thats why I always bring a picture with me. Thats sucks! I'm a wimp too, I had a horrible a few times and there was only 2 times I went back to the salon to get it fixed, once when it was completely off balanced and once when they dyed my hair the wrong flipping color! I now go to one person because if I go any were else they screw it all up.
    You can do it!

  5. I would soooo call for you!!! I had to take my husband back to get his hair REcut one time because the girl (fresh out of cosmetology school... looked like she was 12 yrs old) jacked it up to high heaven!!!!!! I was so mad!
    I went back to demand a refund and when we walked back in, she looked at us and looked straight at the floor. She didn't even want to make eye contact with me!!! Umm... she obviously knew she screwed it up! Anyway...
    After standing there for a few minutes, waiting on her to ask me if she could help me with anything... I walked up to her and told her that I needed a refund! Keep in mind, I am not that kind of person on a regular basis. But his hair cut was awful!!!
    Anyway... we had to wait for the supervisor to get back from lunch and she gave us our money back AND fixed his hair.

    If I were you, I would go back and just ask to talk to the manager, and at least request that they fix it. Take your Hot Mom Hair picture so they can see exactly what you want!

    Come on!!!! You can do it!!!!! :-)

  6. I would soooo call for you :o) I have had this happen to me more times than I can count now... sigh. I HATE bad hair cuts!
    Not sure what the girl was thinking... and I am so sorry that she ruined your wonderful day you had been waiting for! I say get it fixed... but then again, one time I went back to get mine fixed and my husband told me that if I got my hair cut any shorter it would be a 'bowl cut'....

    Good Luck!
    PS - I still think you look like a hott mama ;o)

  7. I'd march yourself back to that salon! Show them! Get that money back and get it fixed! It's not bad looking, but definitely not what you asked for!

  8. Don't show her, show the boss. yuck! not bad, but not what you wanted and I wouldn't like it either! I had something like that, and I chopped the whole thing off cuz I was so mad.. ugh salon prices, better match up stylists.. lol

  9. Well its not terrible but its def. not your hot mom hair! I would print out the pic you have on your blog of your hot mom hair right after you had it done...go up there and tell them "this ain't going to cut it" ;) and make them fix it! So sorry you had a bad exp. I know how much I look fwd to going to the salon and walking out with my head held high.. and how irritating it is when they ruin that for ya!

    You can do it girl!!! Report back and let us know how it went :)

  10. Call them RIGHT NOW! Trust me. I didn't ever call until my lady went on maternity leave and the idiot that cut my hair did a terrible job. They offered to have someone else at the salon fix it and that was the best option. Just do it.

  11. :( I was so hoping it would turn out better for you! You know, all hot and stacked and inverted. I hope you found your big girl panties and called that salon! You deserve a re-do!

  12. Am I the only one who thinks you look really cute?! Buuuuuut, if you don't like it, get a-calling mama! Of course, I may be the world 2nd biggest whimp, who may or may not be growing out an uneven, jacked up hair cut.

  13. i would call and tell them you are disappointed. you don't have to be rude, but being honest in a SERVICE industry is important. they (she) needs to know if it's wrong.

    i would hate to make the call too, but you should. maybe she'll give you another free cut in a month or so after it's grown a bit.

    i had a horrible haircut once in high school. had to go back to a different lady to get it "fixed".

    but honestly, it's not bad... it just looks flat in the photo. try curling it up with a round brush for some volume!

  14. I think it looks cute! But, I definitely know what it's like to get a haircut you don't like. One time I got one where the lady cut literally 3 inch "layers" around the whole top of my head, ugh. I cried. A lot.

  15. I know what you mean by not getting the cut you asked for!! That happened to me the last time I got my hair cut... my hair totally flips up like crazy along the bottom and I did not want that. I wanted it to flip slightly inward, not dramatically outward. I'm giving my hair dresser a talking to when I go back there!

  16. She should fix it for free. My stylist always tells me, "now if you get home and you don't like the color or think you want those layers a little shorter, come back in". I've taken her up on it twice. I don't think it looks bad, but if it's not what you want, it's only going to annoy you more and more as time goes on.

    ps: I had to Google Justin Bieber a few weeks ago. It was driving me insane and making me feel much much older than my 27 years to not know who the hell he was.

  17. First off, I think it's cute!!! But if you don't like it and its not what you asked for, I think you should call ask them to fix it. You wouldn't be the first person to call and have this done, I'm sure. And I'm sure they'd understand!

  18. I think this probably happens more often than you think. Call and ask to have the owner of the salon fix it for you. Or a more experienced stylist. No big panties needed--you paid money for a service and you're not satisfied. Just smile your Mama M. smile and they'll be happy to help you, I'm sure. If not, you need to go salon shopping!

  19. I'll totally call for you, but..... you'll probably have to move from the current city you live in and change your name. lol (Just kidding!) I hate when people mess up stuff then get their "feelings hurt" when you try to tell them that you want it done differently!

    Good luck!

  20. GAH! I hate going in for therapy hair cuts and coming out more depressed than I went in. That happened once. I went in with pretty long, grown out for almost a year, hair for a trim and came out with the shortest, choppiest bob ever! I ended up going to Wal-mart thinking they can't do any worse and having it cut into spikes. It looked nice after that. So so sorry. At least they left it long so you can have someone fix it.

  21. Take a picture in and tell the stylist that you want her to do it the way you told her just like the can do this, your a big girl...the stylist must not be very good, because your hair is not stacked or inverted...but it does look cute!

  22. Your cut is cute. I am bad about "not" saying things either. I keep it all held in.

  23. I could sit here and say "CALL NOW!", but I know I probably wouldn't call if I were in your situation. I have had bad haircuts before and for some reason I am always afraid to say something because I don't want to hurt the stylist's feelings. I just go get it fixed somewhere else. Stupid, I know.

    That doesn't happen to me anymore because I have an awesome hair girl. But I know how hard it is to find someone you love.

  24. I would call and I would complain ...I would let them know exactly how jacked up the hair cut is ... And I would ask for a refund so I could go elsewhere!

  25. Just saw your "I'm calling!" tweet at the side of your blog. How did it go?

    You are very cute, but I agree, your stylist should probably stick to, as you suggested, twelve-year-old girls.

    I guess that's what you get for coveting a 4th grader's hair! Giggle giggle, snort. Hee.

    (I hope someone else did not already say that, but since you have about a million comments so far, they probably did, and I just went from being funny to being a dork. Or maybe I already was. Heh.)

  26. I'll call my mom & her call for you... cuz I'm right there with you.

    Is it the same lady that did your "hot mom" cut?

    Maybe bring in your pix from that cut to show exactly what you want.

  27. I have TERRIBLE social anxiety so I am a worm when it comes to things like this. BUT that is hard earned money that could have and should have been spent on a decent haircut. You deserve not only a refund but for someone to fix it! Take a picture up there and don't take no for an answer. That is just ridiculous! And please share where you went so people know to steer clear!

  28. I got the same cut 3 years ago and came home crying not cause I didn't like it but because I came with a photo of the back stacked and it wasn't they fixed it for free and I LOVED IT>>> I have pictures of it if you want me to post them. LOL I will call if you haven't yet, and if it will make you feel better I like it but it needs to be higher in the back, so if you have time tonight before you do the questions for tomorrow come by and put your name in for my giveaways .. if anything at all interests you.. LOL

  29. OMG - you crack me up! I love your face in the second pic! HAHA.

    But yeah - that's not stacked or inverted... i'm not a hair stylist but i know what you meant by stacked/inverted & that ain't it!

    I hate making those kinds of calls too. I would probably wimp out & go to another stylists & pay for that one to make it better. LOL.

    PUH-LEASE keep us posted!

  30. I know it stinks to be disappointed and not get what we ask for when we pay GOOD money to get our hair done, but I personally think you look KICKIN! It isn't overly stacked and the inversion is almost nonexistent, but you look like a hot mama to me!

  31. I think you look beautiful as always.

    But if you aren't happy, Mama needs to get her money back.

  32. Gorgeous as always! I think you could pull any haircut off : However, if you are that unhappy with it, you NEED to call them. It's a must. So, I'm handing you over some big girl panties...let us know what happens when you call her :)

  33. That happened to me last week! 9 months in between haircuts and I have random chunks missing from my hair. I'm a big wuss and didn't go back though so see you are braver than me!

  34. So funny from the beggining i was thinking i will call for you

  35. Oye! This might not make you feel better, but it is a cute cut, even if it isn't what you wanted.

  36. I hope you were able to get the results. I have had bad cuts and there were times I didn't speak up when I wished I had where as others, I just let go.

    Now I have an amazing stylist and trust her to make me look amazing.

  37. I just went through this same thing with my Mom and her much anticipated haircut. It was not even close to the picture I showed the girl. I didn't want the same girl to cut it again, so I simply took the picture and Mom and we went some where else, and now it's perfect. I had the same stylist for years and then we moved and I have yet to find the right one, so my hair remains unstyled and I look like a middle aged woman with long hair which is a pitiful look to have.

    Go somewhere else with a picture and get it done the way you want. You should be happy and feel good when you look in the mirror.


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