Monday, May 31, 2010

Sleeping with the Enemy...

Hey friends! Before I get to today's post, I've gotta tell you a little somthin'...I'm the guest blogger today for the Crayon Wrangler! Tuesday's are her new blog hop, "If You Teach a Mom a Lesson", which was born from her wildly hilarious "Lessons Learned" posts!

So, today, I have a Lessons Learned post up over on her blog! You should totally check it out...and join in! It's an amazingly fun, easy post to come up with!

Now...onto my post for today!!


You know...about this time last year, I made a tongue in cheek comment about not being ready to be a First Lady.

Mr. Wonderful had just been elected to our (small, private...but elected, nonetheless) school's school board...and I was excited about his potential impact on our children's many children's Catholic education. Not to mention, I was totally looking forward to getting the insider information about the "hot button" topics. Namely, four day vs. five day kindergarten.

Yeah, still waters run deep. It's the crazy important things like four day kindergarten that turn me into a political activist. Forget about the economy and national health care, I can't be bothered by such stuff...but, try and take my 5 year old away from me for an extra day, and I'll fight you tooth and nail.

As the year went on...I came to understand, in some teeny, tiny, minuscule way...that when a person makes decisions that affect a large group of people, not everyone will agree. I may be a bit sensitive, but I could swear that my husband's school board affiliation has emblazoned me with a scarlet letter.

I'm a pleaser. Big time.

I hate being disliked. So, perhaps I'm a wee bit paranoid...but it seems to me that I'm treated just a little bit differently as more and more difficult decisions were made this year. Smiles seemed stiffer...more forced. The "hi's" and "hello's" not quite as friendly or sincere.

And, if ever I wasn't convinced before that I am not cut out to be the wife of a public figure, I am now.

This is sooooo not my gig. And so begins my speech to convince my husband that the buck stops here. That (please oh please oh please) there will be no more furthering his political career. I would become the skeleton in his closet (literally), because that's where I'd hide.

And I wouldn't come out.

For anything.


Well...maybe a cute pair of shoes.


This whole sleeping with the enemy thing, it's really not my cuppa tea. this case...I think the enemy is pretty dang hot. Even when covered in that funky, popcorn ceiling texturing stuff.


  1. I wouldn't be able to do it either.

  2. Not to be blunt, but political life sucks. ;) I grew up as 'first daughter' (my Daddy was mayor of our small town for 40 years) and I couldn't look at someone cross-eyed without being tattled on. And if Daddy and the town council made some sort of unpopular decision...LOOK OUT, KELLI! Kids are cruel! And lots of times the grown-ups they become are even more so.

  3. You could always get your arms all buff (maybe they already are?) and wear lots of sleeveless dresses to distract them. That's all anyone seems to care about when they see Michelle Obama. ;)

  4. My dad was on the school board when I was a kid and it was quite often a stressful thing for the whole household!

    I gave you a fun new award!


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