Monday, September 28, 2009

Mission: Hot Mom Hair...Accomplished!

I was in a frump. That's the physical version of the emotional, funk.

Yes, atop my head, used to reside a tired bunch of overgrown highlights, split ends and shaggy "nothingness".
But not any more!!

I am now, sportin' "Hot Mom Hair"...and I feel fabulastic, today! Tomorrow (when I'm left to my own styling devices) who knows, but today...look out world!

Mr. Wonderful even came home on his lunch break to take some photos...okay, I'm totally lying...he came home to eat lunch, I bombarded him at the door, shoved the camera in his hands, and dragged him outside...where he made me pretend I was a model ("show me whatcha got, give it to me baby, pout, oh yeah..." and so on and so forth...)

And this, is what I have to show you!

My sorry attempt at the "model pout" (it's okay to laugh, I nearly peed my pants when I saw this one!):

"Oh thank you, Lord, for 'Hot Mom Hair'!!"

Sassy, side view:

And, just plain, ol' me:

Oh, and a side note by me...that cyclops lookin' thing between my eyes? That is the direct result of taking a tweezers to a deep little pimple...think I would've been better off with the tiny little zit, but now I'm stuck with this monster scab. Lesson learned.



  1. I love the "hot mom hair"! Looks great on you...

  2. Found you through the BlogFrog.

    Really great haircut!!!! Pretty hot :-)

  3. Awesome haircut ... definitely a hot mama!

  4. I found you through blog frog.
    You're hair looks great. I to need some hot mom hair. I'm hoping next week it'll happen.

  5. Love it! Time for me to find my own "Hot Mom" hair cut...

  6. Lady cute are you!!! You are totally rockin' the "hot mom hair." You're also making me want to go blonde and get an inverted bob! LOVE IT!

  7. ::whistle:: Looks great! I love that your husband was asking you to pose.

    I am always concerned about styling my hair the day after a cut since it pretty much ensures disappointment. Hopefully you'll do great, though, and continue to feel fabulastic!

  8. Look at you and your hot mom hair! You look great!

  9. ooooh-la-la! LOVE the haircut! I think you should have a photo-shoot tomorrow to show us how it goes when you do it yourself! I always love my new haircut until I do it myself!

  10. LOVE IT!! They did an awesome job on the color as well!! Rock on girl with your hot mom hair :)


  11. Very cute!!! Step away from the tweezers, though....that sounds PAINFUL!!

  12. I LOVE it!!! i so want a hair cut like that. i kinda had one recently, but a little longer than that (i was chicken to go shorter). i think you just inspired me. yes, you did.

    thanks! ;) although, i like my hubby would kill me... he likes my hair LONG!

  13. Girl you look great! Love the hair!

  14. Super sassy! Looks great on you!

  15. Your "Hot Mom Hair" looks awesome :o)

    Haha! love the model shoot and I'm sure your photog hubby had fun too!

    And... as far as touching any of my zits...I just cant do I have mentioned when talking about giving birth...I dont know how I had my babies...cuz I am such a big WIMP to pain! so popping a pimple is outa the question!

    Catching up once again!
    Blessings & aloha!

    (also, I have another blog hug (award) for you at my place :o)


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