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The Curious Case of the Mystery Pooper

Someone in this household is a mystery pooper. I have a fact, I'm quite certain that this is an open and shut case...but I have the feeling that I know who the mystery pooper is.

Enter, Exhibit A:

The potty chair.

Exibit B:

Random poo in said potty chair. (I'll save you the photo...that would be just a tad over the top, I think.)

Exhibit C:

A very stinky bottom side belonging to...this little girl:

Dearest Baby Girl,

You are being charged with mystery pooping. Any failure to immediately cease said mystery pooping will result in you...getting a really itchy butt.

Butts must be wiped after pooping...and while I appreciate your independence, I do NOT appreciate lifting you up, settling you on my hip...and noticing a certain present you leave me on my shirt.

A simple, "I'm duh-UHN!" will suffice, and then we will all be happy.

Feel free to piddle independently all you want...the wipes are by your potty chair.



"Mother's Day Mania" starts tomorrow!! So excited to kick it off!


  1. LOL
    well......kinda ;-)
    good thing she left her presence on your shirt AT HOME and not out somewhere ;-)

  2. LOL My newly potty trained pooper has that problem too. Luckily I have only found his racing stripes in his underwear and not elsewhere!

  3. LOL, congrats on her being independent though!

  4. hahah this is too funny!!!!
    she's too cute!

  5. Ahhh! The pleasures of motherhood! I have to say, you have a very good attitude about this. The only mystery pooper I've had in my life was Rocky, our Australian cattle dog. He'd have an accident in the house, then look at us sheepishly as if there could be someone else to blame. At least your little lady can learn, right?

  6. Awesome! My little one is getting better at going on the potty and I know one day this is going to happen to me since she wants to do everything herself. Ahhh...the joys of potty training. :-)


    That is too funny! Love the exhibit format!

  8. That is hilarious. I love that you charged her!

  9. Oh my! Thank goodness little girl left her mark on you while you are at home. the bright side: Good for her for taking care of her business where it belongs.

  10. Ugh at least yours will use the potty chair. Mine keeps telling me "Colby uses diapers so I do to" Okay miss smarty pants your brother had a stroke so start using the chair! is what I'm silently screaming in my head when she tells me that.

  11. haha... LOVE IT!!!

    When my youngest was about 18 months she pooped on the potty and I was shocked (she has not done it since)... I took a picture and grossed my older boys out because I sent it to my husband (who was at work)....

  12. OMG too funny I hope this is a closed case soon enough

  13. Too funny! She just wants to be independent, that's all. :)

    P.S. Just moved to WP!

  14. My little girl is doing the same thing right now. In fact, she did it just an hour ago, I wouldn't have known either except she flushed the toilet, and that, usually, is not a good thing with her! My sons were so very fact I strongly believe they would still be asking me to wipe for them if their sister wasn't so independent (their 6 and 8)! Definate difference between boys and girls!

    Monica @

  15. Good for her! I think while there is a problem here, which will hopefully be fixed soon, overall your little one deserves big applause for doing what she needs to do all by herself!

  16. I promise I'm not laughing! No, not at all! Its not funny!


  17. Such a cute blog - love when people blog about their children . . . what a great keepsake it will be!

  18. Oh my goodness! That was so hilarious!!

  19. Bahahahaha! I've had that too! Only when little missy is done, she yells "I pooouuped" like they talk on south park. But yes, when their independant side kicks in, it can create quite the mess!

  20. How funny! Addyson will actually sit in there forever waiting for me if I didn't hear her calling for the butt wipe. She does pee on her own though, and recently has taken to dumping it out into the toilet herself. Ugh. That, I could do without.

  21. LMAO! When TRex was younger we'd always hear him yell "Will somebody come wipe my bu-utt?"

    One day he came home from playing at the neighbor's house and went straight to poop. I asked him why he didn't poop over there and he said "I don't want to yell 'somebody wipe my butt' when I'm at my friends' house!"

    Yeah, we started working on wiping himself right after that!

  22. hi mama m.
    im new to your blog...but oh my goodness you are so funny!
    mystery pooper?
    just thought i'd say a quick hi -)


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