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Mother's Day Mania...Whoopsie Wednesday!

Wooo hooo!! We're kickin' off Mother's Day Mania! If you're just hearing of this, hop on over to this post to get the details...and I hope you'll join in!


First, I've gotta give probs to my buddy, Crayon Wrangler, for inspiring this portion of the Mother's Day Mania! She and I were talking...this subject came up and voila!

A theme for Mother's Day Mania! Thanks, my friend!

Now...onto "Whoopsie Wednesday"! Idea share a mama "whoopsie"...a moment in time, you'd probably rather forget, but you'll share anyway, 'cuz you're a good sport...and you'll find that you aren't alone!

Without further "whoopsie" moment.

First, tho...lemme say that my husband has had far greater "whoopsie's" than me. I just had to throw that in to build myself up before I knock myself down.

Did that make any sense? That last sentence? It just flowed from my we'll leave it alone.

*Big deep breath* Here goes nuthin'...

When I had The Belle (formerly known as Miss E.)...I was a newlywed mother of one already (remember, I was a package deal...), and he was in kindergarten.

My son...not my new husband. He had long since graduated kindergarten.

My husband...not my son. *shakes head* Ack! I'm confusing myself...

So, I was home all alone during the day...snuggling, loving, nursing my new baby.

One day...I'm not sure what, exactly, I was doing...but I was in the kitchen holding my sweet, precious, fabulous smelling newborn, when I decided to walk into the living room.

Singing songs, whispering sweet "where have you been my whole life" nothings to my new daughter, I took a step...

Something didn't feel quite right (hello, bouncy seat), but the momentum was already in forward motion. There was no stopping, no turning back and before I realized what was other foot...

...the foot that was formerly on the ground and the only one that was not in the bouncy seat, yes, I said bouncy seat, was suddenly in the air.

Perpetual motion...or something. Velocity is it? I'm not sure...anywho, I digress...there was no stopping this body...and before I knew it...

I had no feet on the ground.

One was in the bouncy seat, wondering how in the heck it got there, and the other, suspended along side the bouncy seat unsure of what was to come next.

What came next, was...I'm sure...a blur of postpartum flabby baby belly, some blonde hair, and sweet, little, totally unaware of what was going on baby...and whooosh...down we went.

I swear, there was an earthquake that day. My fall, in central MinneSOOOta, was so hard, it probably shook the earth. Altered some fault lines at the very least, certainly.

My poor baby...I heard the air whoosh out of her tiny lungs...and her terrified mother (that would be, yours truly), with an aching knee (just one...the other was still hung up in the bouncy seat), jarred elbows, and sore shoulders...sat and cried.

And cried and cried and cried. Hello, mama's nice to meet you.

And called her new husband...and cried some more.

Then, called her mom, and cried all over again.

Oh, lemme tell ya how horrible I felt! It was awful!

In retrospect, I'm quite certain my motherly instincts protected her...but, wow. Postpartum raging hormones, coupled with feeling like a failed mother?

Recipe for a meltdown.

Hold on...I've gotta go hug that sweet babe again...I still feel bad.

Okay, back now. Sweet babe is all hugged up.

So...there it black and white for all of you to big "whoopsie" as a mother.

Please, oh please, oh please...tell me I'm not the only one with a whoopsie?

*chewing on fingernails, waiting for links to appear*


  1. I had to stop by when I saw the title of your post. LOL I have done almost the same thing as you, except that I tripped coming up my steps on the DOG! And then landed on the dog, so the baby was saved. (tee hee)

  2. Oh my gosh, reading your whoopsie reminded me of a similar situation when I was holding my second and tripped over a laundry basket.....I landed on my knees so really only hurt myself but I remember crying...a lot.
    I had to make my whoopsie funny because with these pregnancy moods I didn't want to make myself cry, lol.

  3. I'm so glad baby wasn't hurt. My BIL & SIL had this happen too, with not as good of a turn out. Baby had to be airlifted to a major hospital, spent lots of time there, and many issues from his fall. :(

  4. Oh you are definitely NOT the only one. I think it happens to all of us!

    I can't tell you how many times I kicked the bouncer after I had my son. I actually think I broke my little toe on it once. Needless to say, I was VERY happy to give it away last weekend!

    Thanks for hosting the Mother's Day Mania. It should be a fun 5 days!

  5. So funny, your stories always make me laugh! Don't you hate when you step on a child's item. And a bouncy seat - oh I just can't imagine. I sometimes think us moms must be hilarious to watch.

  6. I think it's some kind of right of passage that a mom trips and falls while holding one of her kids!

  7. Instead of giggling a little you may laugh a lot. Thanks for asking in advance. lol!

  8. LOL... I love your stories! Thanks for hosting this!!!

  9. That was intense! I did the same thing as a new mom coming down the stairs carrying my newborn baby. I fell backwards and held her up and landed on my back knocking the wind out of me for the first time ever. I thought I broker a rib or something and was home alone and called my almost breathless to get here now. I thought I was dying and my poor new baby would be starving until someone came and found me. Luckily we were all ok!! Whew!!

  10. You do NOT have the only Whoopsie! I have had some whoppers. And the boy has lived to tell the tale! :)

  11. Oh man! I'm glad you were both ok! My poor husband slipped on the ice with Chazz when he was a newborn. They were both fine, but he felt aweful.

  12. ok, because of your job I think you will get a kick out of my labor stories. especially the last.

  13. You are so not alone! I wish I saw this earlier in the day...I might have linked up the post I did for my mommy moment a while back. Probably bad form to re-use a post though. But I still feel horrible about mine as well!

  14. Damn, I missed putting up my linky!

    Me and my procrastinator ways...

    Here's a copy though, in case anyone wants to see:


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