Monday, May 24, 2010

My Beloved Picnic Table!

Update: More photos available...AND, we broke in the picnic table tonight!!

Er...ah...that sounded bad. What I mean is, we had our first picnic on the table!! (Phew! Glad we straightened that one out...)

Hand crafted for me by my strong, handsome, incredibly wonderful husband.

I can't believe I once thought that I DIDN'T want a homemade picnic table. For some reason in my brain, I did not equate "handmade" with "superb" and I mistakenly thought that a store bought picnic table would be more superior.

I must've forgotten who(m?) I was married to for a second.

Mr. Wonderful Perfectionist.

This picnic table is divine. You know, if wood and screws can be divine. Large, sturdy, heavy, indestructible.

Just look at the super wide top! No picnic table at WalMart has gotta top like this!

My life is now complete. I have my picnic table...I can die a happy woman.

But, I can't die before I finish this:

My kids would never forgive me.

Once upon a time (like, two days ago) we had an old, wooden futon frame sitting in our "dirt garage" (read: a tuck under garage on the back of our house that is for "lawn stuff" and has a dirt floor. Hence "dirt garage". Don't forget it. I'm only telling you once.), just doin' nothin'.

It struck me (you know, figuratively...not literally. Futons don't strike. They're much nicer than that...) that it would make a fantastic picnic table for our small children (and, if they had their very own picnic table, it would prevent them from overtaking my new beaut.).

So, I disassembled it (sorry, no before photos) and am now reconstructing it, with some occasional help from my husband, ("Do you wanna know what I would do?" he asks. "Sure." I say. "I would *insert male idea here*." says he. "Hmmmm. Fab idea my love...but, nope. I want to do it like this." says I as I go about my business, using his big muscles as I need them.)

Soon, I will have a photo of my completed project for my kiddos (I'm getting to the point, tho, that I will probably have to start listening to my I'm thinking there may be some angles that will need to be cut, and while I'm a whiz with a drill, I'm slightly terrified of electric powered tools with the capability of severing one of my appendages. I'll leave the dangerous work to my love.)...but until then...

Just wish me luck!

Oh...and could you folks in the South please take your humidity back? It's wreaking havoc on my hair. And skin. And armpits.

And psyche.

Thanks a bunch! :D


  1. I really want a picnic table now! Although I do live in the south with all the humidity so it isn't very practical :(

  2. You are too cute! I have a bit of a fear of my dad's cutting tools too. He almost lost a few fingers to a saw once. It was not cool! I do love the jigsaw though! It has safety guards. lol

    I can not wait for pics! I love your adult one.

  3. That's a mighty fine lookin' picnic table you got there, Ma'am! I'm jealous!

    Well done Mr Wonderful!!!

  4. I hear you about the humidity. Good luck with your project- I love before and after pics:)

  5. I adore the table. I want one just like it! Does Mr. Wonderful ship? I mean....shipping a table, not Mr. Wonderful.
    I am seriously happy that you got it and hope you have many picnics on it with tons of memories (that don't include chocolate coated fruit!)

  6. Great table...s, and no you can't die, you have to entertain us, for a long, long time, deal? ;)

  7. I so do NOT want the humidity back! Of course, it really hasn't left yet either, but don't send anymore this way! :)

  8. Love your picnic table! My husband made one for me on our 5th anniversary (apparently the symbol of the 5th anniv. is wood -he gave me a picnic table, and I gave him...well...nevermind). I love the idea of the kids table too! Yeah, WAY too much humidity here in MI too. I don't have air conditioning...ugh.

  9. Really? Darn. I kind of liked the 2 day break of not walking outside and feel like I'm standing in front of a warm mist humidifier. :)

  10. I would really like for Mr. Wonderful to please come build me one of those tables! I will settle for you sending me yours. ;-)

    You're going to have so many memories made around that table! So cool!


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