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I'm Declaring War...Woodpecker War.

For the past week, I have been woken at 5 am.

Not by a child that needs me.

Not by an alarm clock.

Not by my husband.

I've been woken by this vile creature:

And can you see what he's doing?

Pecking on our gutters.

Our METAL gutters.

"Yo, Woody!"

This is war.

You better watch your back, buddy. 'Cuz I'll getcha when you least expect it.


  1. That really stinks! My neighbors put a aluminum pie pan where one was bugging them... a redneck wind chime perhaps?

  2. LOL @ redneck windchime.

    I am thinking buck shot.

  3. I have chirping birds I will give you in place of the woodpecker.

  4. oh man, that would drive me nuts!

  5. I think a pellet gun would teach him a good lesson.

  6. I've been there recently. It goes through the whole house. I could never find mine and luckily he moved on, but I was preparing for war myself. Good Luck!

  7. My problem was with interloping squirrels in my attic. I like CW's idea. In fact, my bb pistol came in quite handy. Let's just say that we no longer have a squirrel problem in our house. ;)

  8. This is going to sound silly but it works. Spray pam on the gutter and surrounding area. He won't be able to land and will slide off. After trying and not succeeding he will find a new place. A few Days later he when he has made no attempt to return you can clean it up.

  9. @Jenn's idea is brilliant.

    I'm sorry, but I'm chuckling at the fact that you're probably out there stalking him in your jammies to get a picture of him. ;)

  10. Truly sorry for you, but if you look at the bright side...he/she provided you with another humorous post! Thanks for the laugh!!

  11. I agree with trying the pam or cooking oil. Don't shoot him...there aren't many woodpeckers around these days. Now if it was a can blow his brains out...we have to many squirrels in the world. :)

  12. I agree with trying the pam or cooking oil. Don't shoot him...there aren't many woodpeckers around these days. Now if it was a can blow his brains out...we have to many squirrels in the world. :)

  13. Paintball gun? Less harmful but it will show the bird who's boss.

    Let me go get my camo gear :-)

  14. Oh no! I can't help but laugh, but that has to be so incredibly frustrating!! At my old place in California we used to have two cats that would sit right outside my bedroom window and whine. I hated those cats...

  15. Ha! We had a cricket in our bedroom a couple of nights soon as I would think I was going to lose my mind bc of all the chirping, I'd get up and turn the lights on to find the rascal. As soon as the lights came on, he'd hush. Turn the lights back off and climb into bed...and he'd start up immediately. After 2 nights he finally went on his merry way, thank goodness. I thought I was going to lose my mind!

  16. So sorry, but I had a chuckle at your expense :-)

    We've had woodpeckers pecking on our house, I always think one of the kids is out there knocking, until I do a head count and find them all inside, and then realize it's another woodpecker... but they've always moved on.

  17. That would be driving me crazy too! You'll have to try the cooking oil idea and let us know if it worked.


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