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Oh What a Weekend!

You know, it's weird...but I'm kind of glad it's Monday!! (Slap me now, I know...)

After whirlwind weekends like we had, it's kind of nice to get back to real life. (Remind me I said that when I'm up to my pupils in laundry.)

Our weekend started off with the potential to get ugly (it didn't..and, I'll stop using parenthesis now), when I sent us on a wild goose chase through Minneapolis.

There is a big ol' Interstate that we always hop on to drive into the city...but, one can also take the big state highway down too, depending on where in the big city you are headed to.

I directed us to the Interstate, and only checked the directions at a crucial "fork" in the road...where we not only chose the wrong "tine", but also discovered we should've taken the state highway.

So, my hubby decided to "cut through" the city to catch the right highway on the other side...only to discover that we once again missed an exit somewhere along the way and wound up smack dab in downtown Minneapolis.

Or was it uptown?

I'm not sure.

Lemme show you our path:

What should've been a two hour drive...became a greater than three hour drive!

On the bright side...we got to see the new Target Field where the Twins play (I'm pretty sure I saw Joe Mauer wave at me...), we saw the Metrodome, where the Twins used to play...we saw the Mall of America and it's friendly neighbors Ikea and the Waterpark of America...and we saw the airport.

Those from MinneSOOOta are now chuckling at the path we took to get to our hotel in Woodbury. A St. Paul suburb.

But, it all turned out well!!

I got about a bazillion pictures like this:

And, in true of our kids got sick. Never fails. One always catches a cold when we stay in a hotel.

This time, it was Baby Girl...who was fearless in the pool and would jump in whether or not her daddy was ready to catch her! *heartattack*

She now has Niagara Falls coming from her nose...but I'm more convinced it's just the gallons of pool water that got shoved up there from all that jumping in.

Girl's gotta learn to plug her nose!

And now...I must tackle the piles of laundry that are mocking me in the corner.

Stupid laundry.

Why do Mondays hafta come? ;)


  1. Sounds like the adventures that I take the kids on---we're always so surprised when we actually arrive at our destination in one piece! Hope your little one gets to feeling better soon!

  2. You are right, I am giggling at the route you took to Woodbury! :)

    Hey, at least you got to where you needed to be - that's a success in my book! ;)

  3. Hi You have received an award from Elle! Check it out here:

  4. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person...but I can't do directions worth a diddly :) The only "maps" that I've success with are the ones that tell you step by step how many miles to go and exactly where to turn...with the little hwy reminder signs and everything. Glad ya'll had a busy but wonderful weekend :)

  5. Good luck with the laundry piles!

    Your writing style cracks me up - keep on using those parentheses!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your tour of the big city! (snicker, snicker- laughing, not chocolate.) Anyway, I'm making your heaven in a bag right now for my outing tonight. I'm making it GF style...cause if there's nothing else I can eat there tonight...I might as well engorge myself of a little taste of Heaven, right?

  7. I've been on those roads several times -- let me just say that if my poor, directionally challenged former Eagle Scout of a hubby is driving, I have the map and scout all turns. Because when I don't, I'll have to ask him things like, "Why is the sun setting on the wrong side of the car?"

  8. I can sympathese....hectic weekend too! Hectic weekends = laundry. It's going to take me til next weekend to get caught up! Good luck! Gotta go...Time to do the Laundry! Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Glad someone's as good with directions as I am! BTW I gave you an award on my blog :)

  10. I feel your directions pain. I think navigation systems are straight from heaven. I used to joke that any aerial view of my path to a new destination would be hilarity in itself. I *heart* my Garmin. :)

  11. You mean there's people out there who don't know their way around the Twin Cities?!? *Gasp!* :P


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