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Mother's Day Mania Themes! we go! The official kick off for Mother's Day Mania!

Here's the button, if you wanna grab it!


This whole idea came about, after the fun I had doing the Valentine's Day Extravaganza! I heard from a lot of people that they really enjoyed I decided to do it again!

I'm really excited to hear mama stories from everyone else out there...and I'm hoping this Blog Hop turns out to be as fun as I'm thinking it's going to be! Feel free to join in as many (or as few) days as you'd like!, we're gonna start this fun fest...this mania...on Wednesday...for a few reasons.

Starting on Wednesday gives us 5 days of the Mother's Day Mania. I have 5 prizes to give away...and I have 5 children that call me "Mama". I like 5.

5 works for me. I could go on and on about 5...I work 5 days a pay period, then there's 5 Question Friday...'course, there's the url of my blog...okay, I'll stop now...

So, anywho...on to the themes!

Wednesday: Whoopsie Wednesday! Let's kick this off with a little support therapy! Nearly every mom I know, had a "whoopsie" with at least one (all?) of their kiddos...falling off the bed, bonking a little head going around the corner, a bent toe in a shoe...I've heard so many stories! And, I know we ALL feel horrible about those times, so let's share 'em!

Thursday: Birth stories!! I know I've done it before...but, honestly...I can't get enough birth stories! I'm gonna do this particular birth story on my oldest...since he made me a mama for the very first time! This is an easy many people already have birth stories written, just link up that post!

Friday: Standard 5QF...maybe with some mama themed questions thrown in...I'll see what I can dig up! :)

Saturday: What do you enjoy most about being a mother? Have you had any embarrassing mama moments? Take your pick or do 'em both!

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day! Let's write a letter to our firstborn...the one's that made us "mama's" for the first time! Enjoy your day!

At the end of the "Mania"...I'll draw 5 lucky winners from the "linker uppers" for the fun gifts I have to giveaway!

Looking forward to reading more about YOU as a mama!


  1. I cant Wait! That Sounds Like Fun!

  2. I'm in, of course. Rory's birthday is Thursday, so Mother's Day is extra special around here...a double whammy holiday! :)

  3. This sounds like fun! Are Canadians eligible for the giveaways? If not, I'll still participate, but just to let you know that if you draw my name I'm in Canada!

  4. I am so excited! Can't wait to participate!

  5. I'm sure I'll be participating. For some reason I thought it was going to be more of a tribute to our moms, instead of talking about us as mothers, but still fun.

  6. This sounds fun, I just posted a tribute post to my mom today, feel free to come by and read it,

  7. Well, this sounds like just the thing I need to bounce back after a week of being sick! Looking forward to it, fo sho!

  8. Sounds like fun!!! What about a mama question like: Maternity clothes; Love 'em, Hate 'em...Favorite item? or do you still secretly have a maternity item that you wear even though you are not pregnant???

  9. I can not wait to get started on this. i think I will write them now so I do not forget. but then i will forget to come back and sign up

  10. Fun!! I'm already thinking about my Whoopsee Moment (there are a lot, lol).

  11. I gave you an award!

  12. I blogged about it and linked back! I can't wait for Thursday as that's my babies birthday so I will honor him and do his birth story. Double whammy if I do say so myself!

  13. What a great idea! I'll definately be linking up this week!

  14. I love this idea! and oh boy do i have a whoopsie.
    this will be my very first post on my new blog. being a newbie, my only Q is, how do you become a linker upper?


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