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Mother's Day Mania...Whaddya Love or Embarrassing?!

Happy Almost Mother's Day!

Forget dragons and snakes...I'm still holding out hope that this will be the Year of the Picnic Table!?

You think?

(No.)'s time for Day 4 of 5 of the Mother's Day Mania!


Today's theme is what do you enjoy most about being a mother...or...have you had an embarrassing mom moment?

Now...I'm sure if I ask my kids, they'll be able to tell me (you) gobs of times I embarrassed them. Well, maybe I shouldn't have pluralized that...I shoulda just said, kid, as in my teenager...the one who gets embarrassed because I write notes on envelopes.

*GASP* Can you believe I had the audacity to write a the secretary...on a blank envelope?!

Why...I never!

Anywhoodles...I'm sure he could go on and on about times that I've embarrassed him...but other than the envelope thing? I think I'm a pretty cool mom!

So...clearly...I have no embarrassing besides, I wanna write about what I love about being a mom!

Which, besides everything. (Minus the discipline, the worry, the irrational fears, the never ending laundry...) Like I said...everything.


Okay...but, really...I do love being a mom. But the best thing?

The very, very best thing?

The hugs.

The smiles on their faces when they see me after work or search me out in a crowded gymnasium.

I love the kisses.

I love knowing that I am the only person on this earth that knows them through and through.

I love the snuggles, the quiet times, the crazy times, the lazy times...

I love hearing "I need me, mom" from my Baby Girl...or, when we do something fun...I love that my little prompt, "Thanks mom, you're..."

Results in a chorus of "YOU'RE THE BEST, MOM!"

There is nothing more satisfying...more enjoyable...more rewarding to me, than being a mom.

I love pregnancy and (believe it or not) I love childbirth.

We have a joke in our family...we always say, "I'm so glad God gave me my kids instead of someone else's!" (No offense to your children...I'm sure you feel the same way!)

I love the bonding, the book reading, the owie kissing, and the back rubbing.

Honestly...I do love it all.

But mostly...above all else?

I love the love.

The getting and the giving...


  1. So sweet! Kiddos are the best thing ever... I thought I knew what love was UNTIL I had E. She redefined love to me!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend girl! I so hope you get that picnic table.. if not me and mr. wonderful are going to have to chat ;)

    I will try and get a post up this afternoon!

  2. I am so offended, haha. I love when my kids ask for mommy alone time. I love that they want to be around me.

  3. Mama M, you are a softy! Don't worry I am too!!! I love this post! And don't worry I am so thankful that I have my kids and not someone elses too (and I count the step son as one of mine when I talk about this)... I work at a middle school so I know exactly what you mean!

  4. What a great list...I always tell my boys, "I'm so glad you're mine!" My youngest is my reluctant kisser and it melts my heart when he's spontaneous with his's rare but packs a punch!

  5. Amen sister!!! To every bit of it!

  6. I hope you get your picnic table this year!
    Isn't this the 3rd day of MOther's Day mania? Since yesterday's 5QF wasn't mother's day related? I'm so confused lol.

  7. Great post!

    I always thought that I was miserable when I was pregnant, but then when I wasn't pregnant anymore I really missed it. So I guess deep down I did love being pregnant. And now that I know I won't ever be pregnant again, it makes me a little sad every now and then.

  8. Was there a Day 3? I can't seem to find it. Oh well.

  9. I know exactly what you mean about loving everything. It's hard to put into words just what you love about being a mother.

    On a side note, I definitely spelled stalkers "stalklers" on the linky. This mama needs to sleep, Good Lord. Stalklers. Ugh.

  10. The hugs and kisses are the best! Hope you have a wonderful mothers day!


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