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Whoa. I am so not ready for this.

I'm having a hard time with something. Something that I've never gone through, but will certainly experience again.

My baby is growing up.

He's a full fledged teen-ager, more man than child, now. Shaving, going to dances, interested in girls. Is it weird if my heart is breaking just a little bit? That I get teary over these things?

In one week, he will have "graduated" from 8th grade. He will make his venture into public school and high school next fall.

I'm not ready for him to grow up.

I want to keep him young forever. I know that these teen years are a struggle for a reason. I know that we are now taking our first steps into the separation that will come when he graduates from high school.

And I am SO not ready for it. For any of it.

I hear this gets easier. With each child...but WOW! I had no idea that this whole "growing up" thing would be so hard on me!

Excuse me please...I need to grab a tissue.


  1. Oh Mama! I can't even begin to imagine how hard this must be. I cry when mine outgrows a size in clothes because I dont want her to grow up.

    I guess the best way to look at it is what an amazing job you have done! He has been raised by two amazing parents that have shaped and molded him into the man he is becoming.

  2. I too don't want my girls to grow up... I get so sad packing away clothes and then really sad bringing out the next size that my first daughter used to wear :o(
    I just keep telling myself that I am so lucky to have 2 healthy beautiful daughters and I get to watch them grow into amazing people :o)

    Sometimes that helps... and others I just cry some more...

  3. ((YOU!!))

    That's so hard. I will be having a mental breakdown in about 3 years, when Sam is graduating from the 8th grade and Jordan starts kindergarten.

  4. feeling your pain. i saw facial hair the other day and almost cried

  5. Each year that passes just amazes me that they really are growing up. Sigh. I heard someone say once about parenting that the days are long but the years are short. How true.

  6. Ahhh... I need a tissue!

    I love the comment abouve about the days are long and the years are short!! That is so, so true!


  7. I can't watch mother of the groom/groom dances at weddings. I just see my boys' faces & start bawling.

  8. baby is going into middle school next year and I thought I would be ok with that, but as it turns out, I'm not really. What I hold onto is that he's ready...he's smart, and generally has good sense, he has good friends and he's looking forward to the new step. So I smile, hug him and say "go get 'em"...then I cry when he goes!

  9. I am right there with oldest of three sons turns 14 next month and my heart is breaking too. :o(

    At least you are not alone...misery loves company, right?


  10. Our oldest is 16, closing in on 17, I hear ya...

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