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I wore my Big Girl Panties today!

Well...I did it!

If you followed my tweets yesterday, you saw that I put on my big girl panties and acted all "growed up"!

My mom will be so proud. (Look ma, I stood up for myself!!) ;)

Here are the results:

Quite a bit shorter and not as inverted as I normally like...but a HUGE improvement!

I am so glad I called...even tho I was sweating like crazy and a nervous wreck...not to mention that my intestines were doing flippy floppies on me, too!! The manager was extremely friendly...I didn't even need to tell her I didn't want to go back to the Justin Bieber fan stylist.

I didn't tell them everything that I wasn't happy with...I felt like I would've been trying to get the JBF (Justin Bieber fan) stylist fired...but I made sure to let them know I definitely wasn't pleased!

You can bet I'm not going back there for future hair cuts (nope...I've decided I'm going to find a way to track down my old stylist and offer her my first born if she'll continue to cut my hair. I'm not above begging...), but I'm very pleased with the way things turned out!

Thank you ALL for your advice and encouragement...and to those of you out there who said "I could never call if that happened to me"...lemme just say...

If I can do it...anyone can do it!

Trust me on this one...

See ya tomorrow for Five Question Friday!


  1. YAY! I'm glad you did it! It looks great!

  2. Very nice!! I had a bad hair experience while pregnant, an old friend from middle school did it, and I thought she was good, she was working for a pretty nice salon, yea, I ended up going to another friend a few weeks later to get it fixed, and that new friend became my sylist, until I moved to Hawaii, and now I go to the rinky dink post salon, and got another meh haircut, but there isn't much to do to fix it, except go full old lady bob...NO THANKS! haha

  3. Looks so cute lady! And I am so proud of you for ballsing up like that! You are a rock star!

  4. Ohh, I like it! And I think it looks good short like that.

  5. OMG! Take two is so sophisticated! I love it! Now I see why you were disappointed, the re-done 'do looks great! Good for you for standing up for yourself!

  6. I love it! Yay for standing up for yourself!! You're gorgeous!

  7. Good for you! :) I've had to go in for a re-cut before too. Not very fun making the phone call, but so worth it when you get home the 2nd time and you're not crying about your hair, lol. Looks great! :)

  8. Good for you! It looks fantastic! Now I'm inspired to speak up next time i get a bad haircut (seems to happen to me far more than the law of averages would allow...)

  9. Now THAT is salon styling. Very nice. Way to go grab that customer satisfaction by the horns! :)

  10. It looks GREAT!!! My sister used to make me call people to complain for her :) Now she makes her daughter do it :) so don't feel bad!!!

  11. Your new 'do looks great! It's worth being brave and getting a good haircut!

  12. YAY! So glad you did it. It looks great!!

    Nothing worse than being unhappy with your hair until the next cut. Been there done that one ;)

    Have a great weekend

  13. Waaaay better than the old cut. You go Girl!!!

  14. Looks sooooooooooooo much better!!

  15. I'm glad you called - and super cute new cut! It's so hard, but sometimes I girl has to do what a girl has to do!

  16. Good for you!! It looks so much better. I'm glad you did it. :)

  17. I didn't think the first haircut was that bad, but now that I see the latest one, I like it a lot better. Very cute!

  18. Awesome job! And I love your hair. It's SO cute. :) I think mine is just too fine for that - I don't have enough of it. I've tried that type of thing before and it just falls flat. But yours looks gorgeous!

  19. It looks WAY better... Way to go!

  20. Your hair looks great! I'm probably a bigger wienie than you are, though and would have went to a different salon to get it fixed. Good job putting on your big girl panties and taking care of business!

  21. LOVE IT! It looks great! Much better! I'm glad you called! :)

  22. Sooo much better! Good for you - kicking ass and takin' names :)

  23. Way to go, Girl!! Good for you!!

  24. Good for you!! Its so cute :-)

  25. Much better! I love it! Say, you should let me know when you have a Thursday off and nothing to do. We could get together or something... Oh, and if you're ever looking for a good stylist, my last one was SO GOOD I married him!

  26. I'm presenting you with an award for your greatness and blogginess (if that is a word). Go to Desperate for Coffee to check it out once you have the chance. It's not just another blogger award, there's some thought in it too!!!

  27. I'm so glad that you went back, Mama M! I had that happen to me once, and I went back and they made me go back to the same girl! I didn't speak up much then so I was just mad but didn't do much about it. The 'stylist' (I use that term loosely) ended up giving me a free hair straightener, though, because she could tell I was upset. I felt bad, but she just could not cut hair! She did both mine and a friend's hair at the same time and both were just not good.

  28. That looks great! Love the shorter look on you! Very Chic!

    I'm stopping by from Mom Loop Friday Follow, and I'm of course a follower! Hope you will come say hello on my blog too!

  29. That looks fantastic! Glad you went and took care of it!


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