Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's a Date!

It has been a non-stop fun weekend...with AMAZING weather (except for today...gloomy, upper 60's, blah...) and FABULOUS fun!

We have another fun filled Memorial Day event planned for tomorrow...and then only THREE more days of school for my kids! Yippee!!!

I live for summer vacation. Sleeping in, beachin' it, popscicles and slip and slides. Morning activities, garden watching, camping and s'more making. I LOVE it!

Do you love or loathe summer vacation? I'm gonna start a thread over in the Fencepost (<------click there to go there!) on this very subject! Check it out!'s Date night! This week's Date of the Week is:

"I am a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. Living currently in NC. I am wife and mother of 3 with the oldest at 21 and the youngest is 3. My blog is about my life and my experince as a Doula (Professional Labor Coach). I share Birth Stories, cooking ideas, pictures of my children and any cooking ideas I can find. Currently thinking of one day having my own buisiness. It's all up to what the Lord has planned. Come on and join in on the ride!!!!!"

I love that Pam is a Doula! As a labor and delivery nurse, I know that a great Doula can make a labor and delivery experience be phenomenal! I've seen some really good Doulas at work, and to be honest...I'm kind of jealous of what they get to do!

To be able to support and coach a mother and father in the birth of their child, without having to chart or watch fetal heart tones, sounds amazing! So, head on over to visit Pam, and tell her Mama sent you! ;)


Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend, and for those of you safely!


  1. I considered using a doula when I was pregnant with my first. Our lamaze instructor was actually a doula and we thought about going that route.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  3. This is so fun! I want to play :)

  4. Thank you so much!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!!!!!! JUST VERY COOL!!!!!! It's been a great month of sharing. Link up with me on Facebook if you want....
    Pam Motheringthemother Kennedy.... Mothering The Mother in NC is also a GROUP!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!
    Doula Mama Pam


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