Monday, May 10, 2010

Have you ever coveted a 4th graders hair?

I have.

Just the other day.

Seriously, this girl's hair was unbelievable. I wish I could've taken a picture, but I was in church...trying to pay attention ("trying" is the my attention may or may not have been focused on a little girls amazing locks).

Honestly...she puts Giselle to shame.

And she's 10.

I miss my "Hot Mom Hair".

*Sob* It's so grown out's pathetic. I mean, we're talking, a whole lot less "Hot Mom Hair" and a whole lot more "Middle Age Bob".

I feel frumpy.

My haircut on Wednesday can NOT come soon enough.

Is it Wednesday yet?


How 'bout now?

Dear Wednesday:

Please come very, very soon.

All my love,
Frumpy Mama


  1. I feel your pain! I haven't had a hair cut in a year...Every day I tell my husband how I need one and then I don't go get one.
    Have fun on Wednesday!

  2. I teach high school and I have girls in my class or I see in the hall that I am completely jealous of when it comes to their beautiful hair.

    I just think...if I didnt have to get to school till 1st hour actually started like they do, then maybe I could have hair like that!

    But lets me honest...I would probably just sleep in and still have the hair I do now!

    Frumpy is probably the perfect word to describe my boring locks!

  3. At least you get to get a haircut! I'm so jealous. I have had short hair for a long time, its easy to take care of and fast. So I was late for a haircut, we couldn't afford one at the time I was due one...when I finally got the money I asked my dh to watch my youngest so I could get a haircut. He made a very rude comment about how I'd look if I got my haircut, and it really hurt my feelings. So now I'm growing my hair out, even though I do NOT want he doesn't think I look like a ****... I miss my fast/easy short hair, and growing it out sucks. :(

  4. Totally feel your pain... But I LOVE your hair in the picture!!! Can't wait for your hair appt ;o)

  5. i let my nine year old get a short cut with a flip in the back and loved it. then we have had 2 bad cuts after that. i am letting it grow out so when she goes back in they can give her a real cut

  6. I'm back to my ponytail.
    I hadn't really noticed that until this morning, but as I pulled it back, I realized.. I've been pulling it back for weeks now. *sigh* I need a cut, too.

  7. yeah, something happens when you have babies that makes your hair frumpy just like your boobs. I have these weird bang looking things that started growing after I had my son, and now they just flip out on both sides of my forehead. UGHH!

    PS-- when are you going to post the winners of MDM (Mothers Day Mania)? I am dying to know!

  8. Right now, my hair puts the N in Nasty.

    I am jealous of your upcoming hair appointment!!

  9. You are hardly frumpy, but I cannot wait to see your NEW hot mom hair!


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