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Wile E. Coyote Complex

You know, I think I know why they don't make cartoons like the Road Runner and Tom and Jerry anymore.

They're freaky, man!! I totally just realized it now!

I have major, Wile E. Coyote issues. Major, dude.

If I am the first car in line waiting for a train, you can spot me...stopped about a block away, keeping everyone behind me wondering..."what in the heck is that chick doin'? Can't she move up?"

And the answer, my friends is...NO!

I can not move up.

You see, my mind plays these weird games, I picture the train derailing and careening for my vehicle...and me just stuck there, having to watch my death in slow mo...if I park far enough away, I've got some wiggle room, maybe a little time to take off away from that derailing death trap. You know?

And crossing the tracks after the train passes? Ugh...look left? Clear. Look right? Clear. Look left again? Clear. Look right again? Clear. Cross the tracks and wham-o!! There's that dang train, mowin' you down out of nowhere, just like Wile E. himself.

How 'bout logging trucks? Oh, geez...don't even get me started with those. I approach them, see those logs stacked a mile high all wibbly wobbly like and "oh man, bring on the Xanax."

So, pedal to the metal, I fly past the truck...must. pass. truck. NOW!!!

I'm surprised I haven't been pulled over..."Miss, may I please see your ID and registration?"

..."But officer, you don't understand...those logs were gonna go at any minute!!"

And bridges? Yikes! Ever since the 35W bridge collapse, I've been a Seriously, sometimes I wanted to stop at one end of the bridge, wait for it to clear, then peel off, burnin' rubber, tryin' to get across that dang bridge, ASAP.

Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Am I?


  1. Def not the only one. When we drove from Alabama to Texas, we passed over quite a few bridges. One of which was 20mi long, over marsh land. Sweat, white knuckles, heart palputations and my husband telling me to just "go to sleep" later, I was thankful that would be THE LAST time we went over that bridge. For at least 4yrs.

    Bridges, logging trucks(living in Alabama, logging trucks are everywhere!), trains, driving in the rain...It all freaks me out.

    One thing that scares me the most? When I can feel the bridge shaking underneath my car...

  2. Girl, I think you and I were separated at birth.

  3. I posted mine on BF, but I hear you on the bridges. I was living in Wilmington NC when that bridge collapsed. I had to go over the Cape Fear Bridge every day to get home, with my first born...I always held my breath. Thinking that would give me just enough air to jump to the backseat and free him before having to surface. You're not alone!

  4. Ok gosh! That bridge collapse happened on the day Isabelle was born. I was drugged up and hormonal and it terrified me even more than it would have anyway. I remember sitting in my hospital bed boohooing.

  5. I am the same way about being around big trucks. (Semi's, car haulers (loaded or not), logging trucks, etc)

    I've been cut off by an empty car hauler in Illinois, been HIT by a school bus during a MN winter, almost hit by a smaller semi...So I have a slight fear of being around the big trucks. School buses not so much as it was winter & my car was small & there was no real damage done....

    Oh and bridges, I too since 35W collapse freak out slightly when I go over any bridge with water underneath.

    My husband just laughs at me and then tells me everything is fine...

  6. Oh nope. definetely not alone. :)
    I'm petrified of squirels.... yep, you read that right, squirels. I don't think I spelt that right... its been a long day. lol

  7. Oh boy- I do the same darn things! I have the same issues with things like driving over bridges and driving down mountains! I truly believe it's the protective "mommy" in us!! At least, that's how I justify it ;-)

  8. LOL My mind works about the same way.

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