Monday, October 12, 2009

Another: Note to Self

Dearest adorable, witty, fabulastic self:

When sitting upon the toilet, it will be in your best interest to take a precursory swipe of T.P across the seat. You know...just in case someone "sprinkled" when they tinkled.

Also, just so you are aware...Tiny Girl has you wrapped around her little finger. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but anytime she asks for something, it goes a little like this:

T.G, "Sirsty?"

You, "Oh, do you want some pop?"

T.G., "Pop!"

You, "What do you say?"

T.G., "P'ease?"

You, "Can I have a kiss?"

And then T.G. plants a big, sloppy wet one on your face, and promptly gets whatever it is she is wanting.

You see, every request of that little peanut is met by a request of yours..."what do you say" and "can I have a kiss"...and I'm just here to tell ya, "this can't go on forever".

Consider this fair warning that the stakes will rise, and before you know it, it'll be,

T.G. "Yo, ma...can I, like, have a new Mercedes?"

You (in your best mommy voice), "What do you say?"

She, "Puh-lease, mom."

You, "Can I have a kiss?"

And she may or may not plant a big, sloppy wet one on your face this time.

Consider yourself warned.

All my love,


  1. That sounds like the exact exchange that happens between Ava and I....every.single.time.

    So, today...."please, Mommt, tan I hab a tookie? first I will gib you a kiss!" She kissed me and then pulled the cookie out from behind her back. Like the little twerp knew I would say yes if she only kissed me first!

  2. That was very funny...and VERY true.

  3. lol I am a bit scared of the old, 'can I have a car' question myself...

    tahts what husbands are for! They get to say no!



  4. That happens in YOUR HOUSE too?! So funny!

  5. hahahahaha Loved this post! Sorry about the toilet seat!

  6. It's so hard to say no when their so sweet :)
    I know how you feel on the seats :(

  7. Haha love this! i hate when i sit on a toilet and my bottom gets wet also!

  8. Yeah, it happens with cute little boys too. Pwease - with wide big blue eyes...dangit!

  9. teehee teeeheee that is so funny.... you keep the wittiness coming girl


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