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Not Me! Monday!

Another Monday...'cept it's no ordinary Monday here in, it's snowing today! Blech...I'm not ready. And those are all "real" nots. Head on over to MckMama's to check out some not so real nots!

I most definitely did not send my kindergarten boy to school in my "shortie" socks today, because I have not fallen behind (once again) in laundry. He was not utterly appalled, but wore them anyway...afterall, it's snowing here and his feet would get cold if they were bare! But no! I would never be so unorganized! Moi?

My two little kiddos are not eating dry waffles, 'cuz our cupboards are not as bare as Old Mother Hubbard's, and there was nothing else to feed their hungry tummies. Particularly, there were not any eggs, because my hubby had not used them for the scavenger hunt this weekend...leaving his family to starve.

I do not resemble something like the "Swamp Monster" as I've developed a scaly little red dry patch under my eye. My SIL did not take one look at me this weekend as exclaim..."WHAT happened to your eye?" No, I always resemble Heidi Klum...always, so certainly that was not me!

I am not kicking myself in the butt for agreeing to a family get together, since my BIL's family is here from CA (but that's a whole 'nuther story!!). What the heck would I do with 50 people in my home and a yard covered with snow? I am not plum out of ideas, and I am not totally hoping you'll give me some good ideas for entertaining 30-something children of varying age. Nope, Not Me!

Happy Not Me! Monday, Friends!! Have a great week!


  1. We have had dry cereal due to no milk. Happy Monday..Hope your family filled house is a happy one this week. 8-)

  2. i totally feel ya on the bare cupboards. we've been living on quick oats and pasta for the past month.

    good luck with all the visitors!!

  3. two words...Bag Balm...try it on your red dry patch. the drug store sells it, but it was made for farmers to use on cow teats :)

  4. We live in Hudson, WI - so we're in the snow, too! :) So, you've got a buncha people coming, huh? There's nothing like a bunch of legos to keep kids of all ages occupied for a long while - make it a contest! :) That, and clay. It's an idea for an inside activity...somebody told me today that it's supposed to be 60 by the end of the week...that's what I heard, in Twin City country, know what they say about Wisconsin/Minnesota...if you don't like the weather...wait an hour or so...

  5. We too had to have plain, dry cereal and waffles because of bare cupboards!
    Poor Kindergartner!!

  6. Oh No, 30+ kids! LOL. I would say come up with a couple of cute little gifts and ask the oldest couple of kids to be your helpers for the day. I like to throw all the toys with small parts into a closet and put a big piece of furniture in front of it so I don't have to pick up hundreds of little tiny pieces. How about an arts and crafts table with a sheet underneath it, like banquet size table. Cover it in a cheap plastic table cover and set out some glue sticks. You could come up with different crafts, like paper bag puppets, paper plate flowers. Drop a big pile of construction paper, crayons, scissors, eyes, pompoms, puffy letters, whatever else you can think of. I bet you can get a ton of art supplies at wally world for less than 10 bucks.

    Good luck!

  7. I am literally CRINGING at the thought of a yard covered in snow!!


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