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The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 70

Day 70.

70 days.

That means that 10 weeks ago, this whole TreeHouse escapade started. Wow...that's a maternity leave!

This weekend saw a TON, and I mean loads, gobs, heaps, of progress! Guess the Mister had to make up for the last four weeks of inactivity?

Yesterday, work on the rafters...did I tell you they are "homemade"? If I were the Pioneer Woman, I'd have oodles of amazing photos of the hammer hitting the nail, the saw, slicing through the wood...but, alas, I am just, me. Mama M. And that means that you are stuck with these less than sub par photos, straight outta the camera...untouched, unedited. (But check out that butt!! Or not. I mean, don't check out that butt, 'cuz it's all mine. Well, you know, in theory it's mine...literally, I guess it belongs to Mr. Wonderful...)

And today? Well, today saw the finishing of the rafters, and the beginnings of the loft!! And? And? A little treat I'll show you in a few seconds. First, check these out:

Don't mention that slightly larger than the rest gap at the end. Mr. Wonderful'd die of unperfectionism if we mention it too much. And I'd like to keep him around, so we'll just keep it to ourselves, right? ;)

And now (insert DisneyWorld MC voice here)...ladies and gentlemen...the moment you've been waiting for. The creme de la creme, the piece de resistance...the ROOF!!!

We have a roof (almost)!!
Amazing! It's (nearly) done!!! Just that little bit on the end (you know, where Mr. Perfectionism Wonderful messed up a bit...oh, wait, that's right...we weren't gonna talk about it, were we?). A roof!!! My kiddos have a bonafide TreeHouse now!

Even if not a thing more gets done, I'll still consider it a TreeHouse...four walls, a (mostly) roof, windows, kind of a loft.

Well, those mostlys and kind of's got me...but we're. all. most. there!! So close I can taste it!

Soon, my friends...soon, this TreeHouse will be complete and ready to be broken in!
(My editor, who goes by the name of Mr. Wonderful, just stopped by...he wanted me to tell you that even tho' it's been 70 days, "I've only worked on it for about 7 hours, though!"...not sure if that's good or bad!!)


  1. Wow. Thats amazing. You guys are...well... brave. he he Just kidding.

    I think it looks great though... I would totally live there!


  2. Woohoo-an almost roof! :)

    and to answer your question, of course you will see me next week! :) Already have a few question suggestions brewing. :)

  3. Is it bad that I just looked at the pictures..oh and good pictures they are!! Treehouses are awesome!! Your Man is doing a fabukastic job!

  4. Hey, it actually looks like a house now!

  5. That is so awesome! Can not wait to see the finished product!

  6. It looks great! Psh - Mr. Wonderful should tell everyone he made the gap at the end bigger on purpose, to add to the charm. :-)

    I can't wait to see it finished! Awesome job!


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