Thursday, June 4, 2009

Irrational Fears?

Does anyone else have totally, completely, irrational fears? Like falling down the stairs while holding a child? Or an intense, gut wrenching terror of low sided escalators? Am I the only certifiably crazy mother?

Seriously, I feel like my heart gets squeezed when ever there is a remote possibility of my children being's insane, really, it is! Okay, so the escalator thing? What kid doesn't enjoy a ride on an escalator? Mine live for those rides! One day, while visiting the MOA (also known as the world's biggest mall...just a mere couple hours away! Ha! Those who live close to Disney got nuthin' on the MOA--well, okay, I'd trade you in a heartbeat, but we frozen folk up here need a little somethin' indoors to keep us warm!)--ah, I, we're visiting the MOA when my kids spot an escalator (insert choirs of angels...) and need a ride on it like they need air! Only thing is, this escalator has glass sides, and seriously, I think they were about 6 inches tall. So, being the freak that I am, I leave Mr. Wonderful at the bottom with the baby, and proceed to wrangle the middle three on the escalator. Great fun, right? Ha!!! Not a chance! My heart was racing and my mind was giving me my own "Horror Movie", kids falling over, me not being able to catch them...arrrrgghhhhh! Why can't I just be normal? So we ride up, then repeat the same process on the way down, where I collapse into my awaiting knight's arms, spent, exhausted, thankful we all survived the journey in one piece with no serious injury. Sigh...

And don't even get me started on ledges, railings, etc. Ugh, they're the worst...I will literally grab a fistful of kiddo clothing anytime we are anywhere near a ledge! We may be twenty feet from said ledge...but you just. never. know.

Maybe it's hereditary? My mom told me she would have irrational thoughts about someone throwing her baby's stroller over a bridge as she walked across it! Now, come on...that is crazy...I mean, really, that would never happen! However, a strong gust of wind could very possibly come up and lift that little baby laden stroller right over the know, it could happen!

So, anyway, am I the only whack-job out there? Does anyone else fear dropping a toddler onto a hot oven door if they're holding her while checking on dinner? An older experienced nurse once told me I was normal, that I was just "considering the worst possibility"...I don't know if I buy that anymore! Can't I just live without these crazy, irrational fears?


  1. I have the same fears, whereas my hubby seems to think nothing is scary. It has to be the "preapring for the worst" mommy syndrome!

  2. i don't have fears relating to my children and falling...but only me falling down the is really really scary for me!

  3. Ok, so last night I took my 1, 3, 4, 6, and 14 year old on a cruise around the river. After about an hour of telling them to walk, I finally just made them stay with me in the ENCLOSED part downstairs.

    I hate those thoughts. But when they seem to run headlong into the dangerous area, gee, I wonder why we get scared.

  4. Yes, I have a fear of my car going off a bridge, every time I go across one - I hold on to the steering wheel for dear life as if this imaginary hand is going to come and jerk the steering wheel away and I lose control of the car..and yes, my hubby says that makes me certifiable...

  5. I wondered over to your blog because of the talk about the contest (my own Mr. Wonderful is pretty great) and I saw the title of this post. I was thinking of posting the EXACT SAME blog topic, because I too have extrememly irrational fears. Like my fear of dropping scissors or a knife on the crawling baby while I am cooking, or dropping him down the stairs, the worst for me is in the car, but that was long before the baby cae along, he just made it worse!
    I also think it is mom always thinks the worst could happen. I think the point is that we know it is irrational and can reason with ourselves!


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