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Mama's Exhausted

Please bear with me while I moan, sniff, grovel...I am beat.

It appears as tho' we've been kissed by pigs (or, so I like to think anytime one of the kiddos begins to sniffle, cough, or sneeze)...tending to our gaggle of ill children (and, really, who am I to complain...presently we're only at 2 outta 5, not too horrible) makes for a tired mama.

That, my day in 30 minute increments.

Again, not have a baby girl so intent on potty training is's just that the setting, resetting, setting, resetting of my handy kitchen timer to remind us, "it's time to go potty!!!"...gets a smidge tiring. And, add to it, the additional 3 times in 30 minutes that Tiny Girl would proclaim, "POTTY!!" and we'd rush to bathroom, and she'd squeeze out a couple of drops of potty and be on her merry little way...that's a lot of rushing. Something I'm not too entirely used to.

I ain't no spring chicken anymore...I was all over this potty training gig with the first three...number four was so, so...number five, and I'm ready for bed by 7 pm...after 18 gazillion trips up the stairs.

Do you have any idea how many calories I burned today? 18 gazillion trips is a whole heckuva lot of stairs!! I don't need no stinkin' stairmaster!!

Just give me a baby to potty train, and I'll be burning calories like Michael Phelps.

Which makes me wonder...think I can adopt his 12,000 calorie diet yet?

Hmmmm...*sigh, stretch, yawn*...I dunno, but this mama needs her bed.

See ya in the mornin'!


  1. Huge hugs! I am currently potty training (or not) the 2 year old. Well, trying to before Baby3 gets here and I think I spend more time in the bathroom floor than I did in college (not that I spent that much time...really)
    I feel your pain!

  2. Oh Missy!
    I think the pig flu has hit me too!! And I got the vaccine on Friday! It is miserable, plus I have been family went to the in-laws to avoid illness!! So give your sick kiddos extra hugs...I can vouch for how miserable they must be!

  3. I hope everyone feels better!
    We are getting ready to start potty training.. Maybe the calorie burning will be my motivation?! Maybe not.

  4. I keep feeling guilty about not working out-but then I remember that i'm running after my kids all day!
    I don't know what I got myself into, I'm potty training my 2 year old, another 2 year old (who I tend during the day) and a puppy that I decided I HAD to have. What was I thinking?!

  5. Definitely NOT looking forward to the full-on training. My 2.5 year old just started trying the potty, so may not be jumping in with both feet just yet. But soon.

  6. I'm in the middle potty training #5...#4 boy! I must say I would rather go to the dentist while having my period in ugly clothes than potty train...Kim


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