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The Tree House Chronicles--Days 56 and 63

Well, my friends, The TreeHouse Chronicles are on a bit of a hiatus, a break, a vacay, a it seems!

Why, you may ask, do I have Days 56 and 63 when 63 hasn't even come yet? Well, because we will be on a bit of a "family reunion" next weekend, so I'm anticipating that no progress will be made.

Not that any was made this last week...with no family reunion to hold us back.

So, our TreeHouse stands, still roofless, but doubly raftered...just as last week, and the week before. Where as I once thought my children would have only a platform in the wood on which to play, at least they now have a four walled, roofless dwelling with two rafters to keep them warm and dry. You know, if two rafters could keep them warm and dry.

Maybe we could throw a tarp over the top...or better yet, some branches! Yes! Branches, and then we could say it's a thatched roof and that we planned for it to be that way.

Or something.

We'll see...and I'll keep you posted!


So, tonight, I went to my grandpa's 76th Birthday, not the pot plant grandpa, my other grandpa.

He's losing his mind a bit, and he asked me if I had a boyfriend...I think he thought I was 16.

Imagine his surprise, when I told him that, no, I didn't have a boyfriend (Mr. Wonderful wouldn't approve), but that I was married with 5 kiddos!

His eyes nearly popped out of his dear, sweet head!


While at the same party, my uncle was telling us about his 17 year old daughter's boyfriend.

It went something like this:

"Yeah, he's a good kid. You know, he has a twin sister! Yup...but, they're not identical...'cuz she's just a tiny thing."


Really, Uncle Tom? Twin boy and girl and they aren't identical? Why I never...

Who'd a thunk it?!!

Perhaps, their parent's first clue to their un-identicalish-ness was that one had a penis and one didn't?

Just sayin'!


  1. Lol. Don't you just LOVE family get together s like that? You always hear the craziest things! :)


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