Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi, I'm Mama M.

(This is where you all say, "Hi, Mama M!")

I have an addiction. It's a problem.

Well,'s totally not...but I did recently discover my weakness, my favorite, my soft spot.

My kryptonite.

The cupcake.

Oh, man are they great! They come all individually wrapped and iced (whipped, definitely whipped!!) and sprinkled...and they are just. plain. heavenly. dangerous. What's not to love about something individually wrapped with sprinkles? I mean, c'mon, I know it's not a diamond...but dang close.

Dang close!!

Cupcakes are a girl's best friend.

Well, that and shoes.

And...and?!!! No matter how many cupcakes you eat...your shoes will still fit! Man, sista' don't get better than that!

It just don't.

So, what's your kryptonite?


  1. I prefer cupcakes over cake because they are individually sized. And I don't like to share. But that's just me! LOL

  2. Brownies, but you knew that already.

    Not just any brownies but the kind with chunks of fudge inside and topped with fudge icing. I prefer the ones on the edge, but will suffer the middle pieces.

  3. Cherry ANYTHING! Cherry pie, cherry cheesecake, cherry pie filling right out of the can. You name it. Sweet, and tart, and plump, and firm. Mmmm.

  4. What can be better than a cupcake...I mean its your own personal cake. 8oD

  5. Right there with you sister!! In fact, I have cupcakes in my kitchen right now, and they aren't iced because I have 2 different kinds of icing in the fridge, just so I can have some options....

  6. Cookies and peanut butter, separately or together. Both amazing!

  7. Hmm..I am a cupcake fan as well. I would choose a beauty of a cupcake over almost anything. I also love Oreos..but that is in a pickle for anything homemade. I love chocolate chip cookies as well. Dark Chocolate Reeses...mmmm. But show me a cupcake with whipped buttercream topping as high as the sky....Whoa Nellie! Now, I did combine the cupcakes and a way...I made sandwich cookies with lots of buttercream frosting. I will have to blog about it. LOL

  8. Green & Black's chocolate bars, and good coffee...

  9. Chocolate cupcakes get me every time! Mmmmm ... I think I need to stop at the store today ... I have sick kids and they deserve cupcakes, right? And so do I for caring for sick kids, right??? :-)

  10. DR Pepper. I can never say no if someone asks me if I want one.


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