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It totally pays off, dudes!! (There I go, talkin' like a California surfer dude!!)

So, I was totally coveting these jammies at Aeropostale, but I'm a cheapskate, and I just wasn't gonna spend 60 bucks on jammies (yes!! 60 bucks!), I felt them, and fawned over them, and drug (dragged?) myself out of the store...backwards, just so I could see them longer.

A couple weeks later, I went in...and they were on sale!! Buy one get one 50% dice. Again, I'm Mama Cheapskate when it comes to buying stuff for myself! Even on sale, they were well over 40 bucks. Again, I fawned, I petted, I shed a tear or two...and dragged (drug?) myself out backwards (which is really hard, when you're the navigator of a double stroller, dontchaknow!).

Then, I came across them at an outlet mall...this time, both top and bottom were 50% off!! Score? Nope. The old frugalista in me reared her nasty head and sent me packing, sans adorable jammies. totally paid off!! For yesterday, my friends, yes, yesterday...I went to check on them. To see if they missed cop a little feel. And...they were on sale for $9.99 a piece!!!!

Can you believe it?!!!! I can' fact, I need to go check on them, make sure it wasn't a dream. Hold on...

...okay, yup! They're still there!!

Such a great deal, they were, that I bought two sets! One for our babe's Godmother, my BFF, Dr. J!! I'm safe to say what her Christmas present is...she doesn't know this blog exists! (Is that weird? That I don't tell my friends and family about my horrible addiction lovely blog? It just seems "safer" not to tell my loved ones...well, my bestie knows, but that's about it!)

Okay, I know you are totally dying to see my, without further adieu, I present to you Mama Cheapskate's adorable P.Js!!

Please forgive my poor photography skills, but trust me when I tell you that they feel so incredibly soft and are unbelievably comfy (I think!)...only thing sad about it, since they came from Aero, a store that caters to tweens and teens (and not thirtysomething mama's of five), I had to buy them two sizes bigger than my usual! Sigh...such is life! And they're totally worth it!

I can't wait to come home from work tonight, and fall asleep in my brand spankin' new, totally affordable, adorable jammies!!


And, in a different, grateful story, I want to say thanks to Leah!! She advised me to buy some "Bag Balm" for the nasty dry, scaly red patch under my eye (hee, patch...makes me sound like a pirate, aye mates!!). So, I took her advice, and I must say, the "bags" under my eyes have never been so soft and supple!! (Although, they are not they bags "Bag Balm" was made for!!) It's like rubbing a baby's butt...they're so soft! Thanks again, Leah!!


Later dudes!


  1. You are hilarious!!! I absolutely LOVE getting a good deal, and try my darnest to be patience and wait for it to go on sale in hopes they don't run out of my size! You were a success at getting those jammies at a great deal. I can't see the picture because I'm at work. Yes, I check blogs at work. Such a good worker I am. I'm sure they look great, though!

  2. You did really good on the jammies!!They are so cute!

  3. You sound a LOT like me. That might be scary, except I think it's hilarious, and totally cool.

    I may have to hire you to find my son some jeans at Aeropostale...

  4. I love knowing that i'm not the only cheap-o in this world! haha! love the pj's! i bet their so comfy! i love getting new pj's to sleep in! thankfully my boyfriends mother buys me tons every year at christmas!

  5. I love Aero, but I'm pretty sure everything there is for a size 4. My 6 year old can even wear the smalls on some things in there!! (you know-the small things that are WAAAAAAY on sale!!)

  6. Way to be rewarded for your patience!! I wouldn't have made it past the first sale!

  7. Hahaha, you are like me! Great deal though, do you have buyers remorse or feel that it was a great deal. Because sometimes even if it is an amazing deal I still feel guilty about spending money on myself! Very cute, but definitely not worth $60! Are they nuts!

  8. Cute jammies...woot woot! Doesn't something like that just totally make your whole day? I LOVE that! And yeah, the sizes are so not friendly but hey, whatever! :)

  9. I have been eyeing those SAME jammies.....and I have been too cheap to buy them. Guess I need to go by there tomorrow and see if they are on sale here too.

    Fingers crossed!

  10. OH YEAH! Bag Balm!! Best thing ever! No better treatment for diaper rash!

    LOOOVE the PJs!! SUPER CUTE and WHAT A DEAL! I did the same thing over the dress in my profile picture! I kept looking at it all summer. I think it was reg. at $120 and I bought it in August for $19.99!! :)

    Also love that hardly anyone you know knows about your blog...same story here! :)

  11. I tip my hat to your frugal awesomeness. Hope you sleep good. :)

  12. Ah Aero, my daughters all live there ;-) And I love your story because I have one that's oh-so-similar! My daughter wanted a cute little jacket that was also very over-priced at $80! We waited and waited, and then forgot about it. One day, I happened to be at the mall and checked on it, and discovered it was 50% off, but, even if I had wanted to pay that, they only had one left and it was the wrong size. Soooo, 2 wks later, I happened to try a different Aero on a whim, and lo & behold, it was there, in her size and was now 70% off- WOO HOO! Of course, the funny thing is, I probably ended up paying about all it was worth in the first place- just like the jammies, they WAY over-price things in that store! Anyway, sorry to write a book, but congrats on your deal!!


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