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Not Me! Monday!

I was totally thinking of not participating in MckMama's Not Me! Monday, today! I've not been such a good girl that I'm afraid that I don't have any ammunition. But, then...I remembered...she's offering a prize...and I'm totally not a sucker for a prize, so I decided to dig into the depths of my brain, clear away the cobwebs, and see what I could find! This is what I unearthed:

I did not (once again) wash the same load of laundry twice...because I had not forgotten to toss it in the dryer and so it sat. It did not sit all damp in the washer and get all stinky and yucky smelling. No, I always learn from my mistakes, so that certainly couldn't have been me!

I am not resigned to tidying up this natural disaster of a home of ours. I have not been thoroughly enjoying wasting my precious time blogging and blog hopping lately...I am not putting on my "Responsible Mother and Wife" hat today so that I can (hopefully) accomplish something!

With one kiddo home sick from school, I am not relieved that that certainly exempts me from attending the last 8th grade football game, right?! Right? I mean, a sick kiddo can't go to the game, and she's not old enough to stay home by herself, so that means I'm excused, no? I do not not want to hear about babysitters, and they're glorious abilities. Nope, I don't!

On Friday night, we did not have gobs and gobs and oodles and heaps of relatives over. They did not stay so late, that I finally just said, "the heck with it", and put my jammies on, 'cuz I was all tuckered out! Nope, I am never an ungracious host!

Well, there. That'll'll get me entered for a fun little prize, and that's what counts, right?!

Oh, and don't forget...there's just a bit of time left to enter the Mother's Necklace Giveaway!


  1. Funny!

    I found you through McMama's blog. :)

    Oh and I always, always, always forget to change over the laundry. Blech.

  2. Rewashing laundry is my middle name!!

  3. As my washer run the same load- for the third time- nope, I never would do that either!

  4. Guilty on the pajamas with guests over statement. I try to look cute but the longer they stay the more uncomfortable I get in my bootcut jeans and a cute fall sweater. Something's gotta give!

  5. Yes, I have forgotten if I put detergent in and said heck with it and washed again. More work? You betcha.

  6. Washing the same load of laundry again, I thought I was the only one affected by it!

  7. I always forget the laundry too and have to rewash. . .infact I think I have a load in the wash from a day ago that probably needs to be rewashed!! It happens to the BEST of us!! I love the "Not me Monday's"

  8. Rewashing is a common chore here too. :( Someday we will get it together....maybe


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