Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Lesson Learned

So, the other day...I kinda bragged a little bit.

Just a lil'.

Okay, okay...I totally bragged and boasted. I told the world and anyone who'd listen, that I was caught up on my laundry!

I tweeted and Facebooked and emailed and texted (texted--is that really a word?!) and phoned and, heck, I even stopped strangers on the street.

And everyone was very happy for me! Well, to my face they were...behind my back, they were all probably, "Why, that little, boastful, full of herself gal..."

But then...

I think the laundry gods, the laundry powers that be, caught wind of my puffed out chest...and decided to set me in my place.

Yup, they deflated me with a big SAH-MACK, SLAPPITY, SLAP, SLAP...right upside the head.

For, it seems, that while I know my laundry had issues of procreating now seems as though they are procreating in earnest.

Kinda like that stray cat we had a while ago.

Yeah...just like that stray cat.

And now? Now I've got laundry comin' outta the wahzoo.



  1. The laundry gods are not very nice around here either!

  2. we need to find the one that drops dirty laundry off at the house in the middle of the night. We have that same problem here and I know I would love to find the cause. I do laundry everyday... well I SHOULD do laundry every day!

  3. Kinda makes you wanna light a match...I mean clean the ;oP

  4. Yeah, today is laundry day here too. Re-doing all those mildewy clothes from yesterday.
    Best of luck in the trenches.

  5. Laundry day here as well- well, EVERY day is laundry around here, but today is all the bedding for the 8 beds we sleep in, plus all the towels! But my neighbor and I decided to ditch it all and head to Starbucks for an hour of pure bliss- no laundry and no kids- and I highly recommend it ;-)

  6. My laundry does that all the time. It totally sucks!!!!!

  7. I used to be on top of laundry. I was so proud of it. Well, pride comes before a fall. I am so behind no one has underwear! lol. I just can't keep up anymore...I mean the last few months have been horrible. I have clean laundry on my coffee table waiting for someone to put it away and dirty laundry in heaping piles falling out of the laundry sorter. UGH..better to start a load.

  8. Yep ... our family of 7 just spent 7 days in Disney ... I won't be crawlin' out of this mountain of laundry for weeks!!!! And don't even get me started on folding ... each kid can just take a basket of their laundry to their room ... no folding needed, right?

  9. I know, I hate that! Every time my laundry room is pristine and empty, then the kids clean their rooms and the next thing I know, there is a mountain of laundry again! Such a bummer!

  10. LOL oh my word...your blogs are too hilarious!!!!


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