Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, What a Night!!

It's a tough balance, being a working mom with career responsibilities, and being a mom, with my passion and heart at home with my kids, you know?

With my kiddos sick, I stayed home yesterday and today for the first four hours of my shift, then let Mr. Wonderful take over the task of tending to the children. Tonight, as I was leaving my teary kids, prying their grubby paws off my legs, taking my heavy heart with me...I remembered...

One of my most fantastic friends was being induced today! And, boy, did that put a little bounce in my step! I figured, I'd get to work, have a few extra minutes to go visit her and the new babe (I was assuming she'd be done...she's done this a few, well, okay, a half dozen times before).

Honestly, this woman is the most kind, patient, warm fuzzy you'll ever meet. She is so easy to talk to and is just an awesome person!

So, I got to work, and one of my co-workers looks at me slyly and says, "You have your friend!"

I coulda danced a jig right there! She hadn't delivered yet!

And I was privileged enough to be her nurse!

It was an amazing birth...truly amazing. My incredible friend has a sister who has a pretty profound disability from a birth trauma, and my friend made a promise to God that if she ever had another baby, she'd let her sister watch. She knew her sister would never have the experience of birth herself, so she wanted to provide her the chance to watch. This promise she made, she tells me, "was an easy promise. We were done having kids, so I could make that promise without any hesitation."

Well, God...He doesn't always have the same plan as us! And a month after making her "easy" promise to Him, she was pregnant!

And, so...tonight, I was privileged enough to be in attendance at a delivery that was sooo amazingly wonderful. So calm, so controlled, so special for everyone present!

Amazing...simply amazing.

I'll never tire of the miracle of birth, that's for sure!


  1. WOW!! Thats so neat!!

    And hope your kiddies are better... like... for the rest of the winter all better!


  2. oh wow! What a great story!

    Although, I just have to add, that your sly co-worker's comment made me wonder how on EARTH she knew your Aunt Flow was there...I'm just saying many times she is considered "your friend" *cough cough* and considering the post you make earlier in the week, brought me to the conclusion that you have very intuitive co-workers...not just crazy. Or maybe I am the crazy one! :) ha!

  3. I loved doing my social work internship at a Women's and Children's hospital....Got to be a part of all that stuff...I'm hoping to be able to work in a hospital at least once in my career...

  4. Darn, I totally wanted to award you the Honest Scrap award, but you so already have it. I shouldn't be surprised, but I'll just say I look up to you and leave it at that :-)

  5. I WANT YOUR JOB!!! Seriously, I have been thinking of going back to school for nursing since I had my own babies. The only thing stopping me is, well, the school part. UGH!


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