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Healthy Thru the Holidays...With Mama M. and Keely!

What do you think of when you think of the Holiday's?
When I think of the Holiday's I think of food, parties and great company (presents?!!). I also think of all the unhealthy food that comes about during the Holiday's...and I think about how I absolutely do not want to gain any weight from all the food I will be consuming.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just eat a little healthier? Maybe get that kick in the butt to get us moving? Well Keely and I are starting a Healthy Thru The Holiday's Campaign...just for you (and, too!)!

Starting Tuesday, Nov 3 we will be kicking it off. It will run 'til Jan 2, 2010, which is 60 days. Sixty days of Keely and I encouraging you, motivating you and giving you healthy eating tips and exercise, a group of women in the same boat as you, who will also motivate and encourage you along!

"The plan?", you ask?

The plan is, on every Tuesday of the week will have a MckLinky Blog, those of you with blogs will link up (if you need a little help with the linky-doo part, let one of us know, we can talk you through it!). The first post will be why you feel you can benefit from our campaign. For those of you that do not have a blog and want to participate...all you'll have to do is leave a comment on either my blog or Keely's.

After the first Tuesday, and every Tuesday after that, when you link up you will be posting about your many hours you logged working out that week and how you incorporated our tips.

Thursdays will "Tip Day"...the day that we'll provide you with healthy tips and exercise tips. I will have the healthy tips on my blog and Keely will have the exercise tips on hers.

The goal, or focus, of our campaign is not about the weight or the inches you lose..but about eating healthier and getting fitter...a lifestyle...not a diet! There will be no weigh will never have to tell anyone how much you weigh..this is not about that, weight loss will be a likely side benefit, but our focus is health!

You will strive to work out for a certain amount of hours during the week. We will give you a goal for the week, of course, feel free to go over that goal (hee hee!!), but for sure do your best to meet the goal! The more hours logged..the more it benefits you!

Wanna know why?

Cause there will be a prize at the end of the 60 days for the person who logs the most hours working out!! So remember to write down your hours!

Next Tuesday we will have a more detailed post about what you can do to get those hours and how many hours you'll have to do that week.

We also are trying to come up with a name and would like your help.

The 2 names we have are..

Sexy in 60
Hot and Healthy

So will you vote on the one you like best?

Cause once we know the name, we will have a button made, for all y'all to display proudly on your blogs!! ;)

So what do ya say? You in? Sound like fun? We will be doing it right along side of you..we won't be standing at the sidelines.
Oh, and be on the lookout for daily updates and support in my (or Keely's) Blog Frog Community!!


  1. I'm in!!! I would love to participate and I like the name Sexy in 60 better :o)

  2. I'm so in. i've been wanting to do this a while, and what's better than having people encourage me! i like sexy in 60!

  3. This is so neat! I actually just wrote a blog yesterday about falling off the bandwagon and wanting to get back on and start eating healthier and exercising better. Great timing! I vote for sexy in 60. :)

  4. I am so down for this!!!!! I like the name Hot and Healthy. I have been looking for motivation and this is just what I have need I think

  5. I vote for Hot and Healthy, as the Hot can have multiple meanings.

  6. I am totally in like Flynn. I know mine will be a bit different considering my pregnancy, but what better gift can I give my child than a healthier "lifestyle" especially during these last few weeks of overindulgence of pecan logs and brownies.
    Great idea gals!

  7. I vote for Sexy In 60-- and I think this is a great way to keep us all motivated during a very special time of the year!

  8. Great idea. I like hot and healthy...I gave you an award- come on over and check it out!

  9. Can't wait to link up! I voted for Hot and Healthy over on Keely's blog!

  10. I want to play!! And I vote for 'Hot and Healthy'. Although I'm not sure I qualify for 'hot'. And only hoping I qualify for healthy!! Great idea.


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