Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Indecisive Weekend

From the weather to the company, nothing turned out to be "as planned" for our family weekend!

Yes, this weekend was, most definitely, a weekend of indecision!

I have a brother in-law, he lives in CA with his family. We get to see them once, maybe twice, a year. And this was the weekend we were anticipating their arrival!

We decided to spare my mother in-law the stress and strife and responsibility of hosting her 10 children and their many children, who always look forward to seeing my BIL and his fam. So, we rented out a resort...yup, the whole, dang, resort...well, except for one cabin, but we don't like to admit that.

Then, the phone call. Friday afternoon, and my BIL and fam were "stuck" at LAX with a suspected case of appendicitis. So, they hopped in a car and drove the three hours back to their home to see their pediatrician. All's well, just a nasty case of a tummy bug, and this was where the indecision sets in.

First, BIL and fam aren't coming (for obvious reasons), then, maybe they are. Nope, turns out they're not...too much "unknown" traveling with a sick little one. Then? Yup, maybe they are. Frequent flier miles were found to procure tickets for their whole family. Then, nope, little one has the runs now...they'll come in December instead. Final answer? You got it!! Nope! Woke up this am to the definitive answer that, yes, indeed, they are coming!! Late, late tonight, they will make their decent into MSP for the week. least that's the plan for now.

Next? The weather! Sheesh, usually fall in MinneSOOOta is gorgeous. And I mean breathtaking. Temps in the 50's-60's, foliage all aflame with the most amazing colors, nighttimes perfect for bonfires and snuggling. It's great!

But this weekend? Indecisive...well, kinda. Mid to late week, temps were great, sun was shining, then the weekend approaches and the prediction was snow. SNOW?!!! As a born and raised MinneSOOOOta chick, I take all weather predictions with a grain of salt...or perhaps with a whole block of salt. When the weather man/lady says snow, they could very well mean sunny and 80 degrees. You just. can't. be. sure.

Turns out, they were right...Friday night, the flakes started, first little flurries, then in earnest! And lemme tell ya, even we frozen folk get a little startled to see snow falling when there are still abundant leaves on trees!! I still wasn't havin' this whole snow thing...I thought it'd melt as soon as it hit...but Saturday morning I wake up...and wowza!!! There was snow on the ground and on the roof tops and on the cars! I did get a photo, of a bright red maple, in all it's glory, surrounded by snow (but I forgot my USB cable, so I can't download it yet!!). Weird...even for us MN folk, dontchaknow!

And, to top it off, our Tiny Girl woke up, indecisive. Apparently, she couldn't decide if she should really be up, or not. Yeah, talk about waking up on the wrong side of the Pack 'N Play...sheesh, that girl is cah-raaaaab-by!!!

So, now we pack up. We head back to our homes and prepare for what and, try to decide how, we'll entertain the BIL and his fam when they come! This weekend our state has a long break, so it's good timing...and I'm sure we'll have fun!

And, even though we would've never rented out an entire resort "just because" (afterall, we only did it 'cuz the BIL was coming...but, then, you know, didn't come), I'm glad we did! It was a great weekend full of family, fun, and (of course!!) food!!

Hope your weekend was fabulastic!! ;)


  1. Good luck with everything! Our weather in Kansas has been crazy too- cold and looking like snow any minute!!!

  2. WOW. I got confused just reading that. Poor you guys having all the 'up in the air' feeling... never really knowing who was coming or going!!

    I am SOOOOO missing fall!! Its my FAV season, and its usually so beautiful here... I am just praying like crazy that it will get a *bit warmer so I can get the kids outside and do some fun fall stuff...

    oh well.


  3. I'm glad that everything worked out with your BIL and his clan .. it's always heart wrenching when you have to cancel plans with people who you were so excited to see!

    And the snow .. oh I SO agree! We look out our back window into the woods and we see GREEN leaves and WHITE snow. That's so not right!! :) Guess Minnesota decided to discover the beauty of winter a little early this year ... I just wish I knew where my snow brush is for my truck, as well as where my boots are! *SiGh* Oh well! :)


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