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I Think...

...That we've been teleported to Seattle. This weather is so wet and rainy and cloudy and cool and blah.

...That summer vacation may just be my favorite thing in the whole world. Besides Christmas. And Thanksgiving. And birthdays. 

...That I might poop my pants tonight when my boy plays baseball. We lost last night, which means if we want to go to state, we have to win 3 straight games, two of which will be against our rival (the team that beat us last night).

...That I am completely smitten with the Laurie Berkner station on Pandora.

...That I need to place a Young Living order (I need to fill you in on my revelation).

...That I miss my husband. His job is crazy right now and my "love language" being quality time means I'm feeling slighted. And unloved. And perhaps THAT is what's wrong with me.

...That I really want a pool. A REAL pool. One that you can dive into and have pool parties and oodles of fun in.

...That I'm kind of a little bit excited for my new washer and dryer to arrive on Thursday. I hope they're as big as they claim to be...'cuz the laundry? It's piling up.

...That I need to write my In the Kitchen with Gram post. We made Kluski. It was delicious. You'll want to make it. Then tell me thank you. And shower me with gifts of appreciation.

...That I need to sign off and get going on some of the items in this list...pooping my pants NOT being one of them.



  1. Yes please post about YL....I have dabbled..but am not yet completely sold!

  2. Seattle is having sunny warm Summer weather today! I'm sorry you are suffering with the blah weather! Hang in there it will be hot before you know it! Jeanne

  3. My love language is physical touch. It doesn't bode well for me that me and the bf have been so on and off the past few (like 6) months. Ugh.

    I don't even know what Young Living *is. Or Kluski.

    Baseball is one of the most stressful sports. Anything can happen at the last second!

    I hate laundry.

    And rain.

    Laurie Berkner is awesome.

    And now I must continue reading my Left Behind series. :o)


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