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Let's Talk Young Living.

Since my Kluski post isn't anywhere ready to go (as in: I haven't even had time to start it yet), I figured talking about my Young Living experience would be perfect!

Several months ago, I mentioned to my mom, who dabbles in essential oils and signed up as a wholesaler to help out a friend, that I wanted to try some more oils. Over the course of time, we had collected a few of her oils and I enjoyed how they smelled.

We went back and forth, what did I want, what did I want most, what didn't I want, yadda yadda and when Christmas rolled around, I found a starter pack of oils (Everyday Essentials) amongst my Christmas loot. (I kinda think it was one of my favorite presents...)

Let me level with you guys...I was kind of a skeptic. Mostly, I just enjoyed the way the smelled and shrugged my shoulders in a "Meh. If they have any kind of health benefits, BONUS, but I'm in it for the scent." kind of way.

I have since become a wholesaler myself, mostly because I didn't want to be on my "mom's time" when I was ordering, I wanted to order when I was ready to place an order, not when she was ready, you know?

Anyway, fast forward to this spring...if you've been around here long enough, I'm sure you've heard me complain about my allergies. I have horrific seasonal the point of getting wheezy at times. NOT EXAGGERATING. Bad. Yucky. Sneezy, sniffly, itchy, watery eyes, tired, BLAH.

I've been allergy tested and it turns out, I'm allergic to the air. ;) Well, you know...practically. My biggest allergen reactions were to trees, with oak trees being among the worst and GUESS WHAT?

We live smack in the middle of an oak woods. Brilliant.

So, sometime last winter I had heard that peppermint and lavender (or "lavermint" as I accidentally called it!) were great for seasonal allergies...I was told a drop of each under your tongue helps. But, here's the thing...while Young Living oils are safe for ingestion, peppermint is SUPER strong and I was a little leery of what lavender would taste like in such a concentrated drop.

Me, being the brilliant, resourceful, adorable person I am (wait...adorable? What's that got to do with anything?), decided I was going to start diffusing lavender and peppermint in my snazzy new diffuser I got.

Now, here comes the AHA!! moment.

You guys? My allergies? They are practically non-existent right now. Right now when people I know that have never had allergies are suffering. Right now when our sidewalk and vehicles are coated in a dusting of green pollen every morning. Right now, when normally I'd be dying...and you'd be hearing about it. :)

I run my diffuser a few times throughout the day...two drops of peppermint and two drops of lavender each time, in our living room. If I happen to be gone a lot during the day, I take it in our bedroom and run it once at night.

I can NOT contribute my lack of reaction to anything BUT change in diet or exercise, no move, no medication. So, I'm no longer a skeptic.

I'm totally sold.

Convinced it is what is helping me!

Oh, and by the way...this is NOT a paid advertisement. I did not receive anything for telling you about my revelation...I just wanted to let you know!

And now you do!


  1. I've never heard of essential oils. (Which I find weird since I'm totally into homeopathic medicine...but that's here nor there). Tell me more, please!

  2. Seriously not copying you, I promised myself I would get my post up on the essential oils I use this week. I love Doterra, I have had stomach issues since my last baby 7 years ago and now use digest and it is really helping. I am loving them. My son's counselor does NOT sale oils. But the other day we were talking about how she feels my son needs a low dose anxiety med (I agree) she said but please get something natural and was talking about oils. I almost died because there is no guilt about using them now


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