Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dude. You've Gotta Try This.

This is totally a peer pressure post. Like, "Dude. You soooooo need to try this! C'mon. Just try it. Do it. Trust me." that.

Do you feel the pressure yet?

Oh, wait. Oops...haven't told you what to try yet, have I?

Backstory: Several weeks ago, I decided to try this "Pandora" thing that everyone's been talking about. I was all, "I mean, how great can it be?". Lemme tell ya, "GREAT."

I wanted some kid friendly music that Baby and I could listen to during the day so I decided to try a couple kid stations. Disney. Too...Disney-ish. Raffi. Too, well, too Raffi-ish. Laurie Berkner? Laurie Berkner????? Poifect.

Guys, you seriously need to try this's the perfect mix of catchy (i.e not annoying) kid songs (Barenaked Ladies, anyone?? Have you heard their kids' songs? "Crazy ABC's" how about "A Word for That"?! Clever and adorable. I die. Love those dudes.), classic oldies (Runaround Sue style songs), movie songs (Spoonful of Sugar, Tangled soundtrack songs), a little reggae (Three Little Birds), and a smidgen of current popularish songs (Mumford and Sons, Philip Philips, Jason Mraz).

It is totally awesome. Enjoyable.

And safe to listen to with little ears around! No bad words, no suggestive phrases.

Just a steady stream of kid (and mom) friendly songs!

(PS...I wasn't paid to say this. I just like sharing things I like with you!)


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  2. My girl and I dig pop and country music...but then it's no fun when the word ass is mentioned frequently as well as other topics I'd rather not discuss with my 4 1/2 year old. :) Just turned on this Pandora station and there's so many kid songs I forgot about! :) Thanks for the recommendation, very fun!


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