Monday, June 3, 2013

WHAT is Wrong With Me?

Oh my gosh, you guys. SOMETHING is wrong with me.


Everyone...and I'm talking EVERYONE...that crosses my path annoys the ever living life out of me.

My kids, my husband, the poor INCREDIBLY ANNOYING teenage fitting room patrol dude at Aeropostale, the INGRATIATINGLY IRRITATING deck "bouncer" at the baseball game, our UNBELIEVABLY INCOMPETENT server at a name it. If they've crossed my path, they've annoyed the hell out of me.

Heck, I'm even irritating MYSELF.

It's too early in my cycle to feel this "on edge", WHAT THE HELL?! What is wrong with me?

Am I turning into a grouchy old lady? 

My bitchiness is unprecedented.

Please send help...or chocolate...or a kinder, less irritable version of myself.


  1. Damn, Im suppose to say something nice here so you dont get annoyed and want to kick my ass. Ummm. Something nice, lets see....You have a nice sunburn..wait no. Umm you hair looks nice in that Shit. I just have to take my chances. Have a wonderful day my dear dear friend.

  2. Teleporting TONS of chocolate over to you then slowly backing away. (HUGS) hope you feel better, I know how those days feel.

  3. I felt like that yesterday morning. I had to make a conscious decision NOT to feel/be that way. Please don't call me a name now. ;) I do think this can sometimes be mind over matter. (I'm 100% sure you just rolled your eyes at me...ha!) The truth is...the only constant variable in that equation (you with the kids, you with the husband, you with the waiter, you with the store employee, etc)

    Ahhh...the "b" word is coming at me....I can feel it! :)

    I seriously know how this is...really...I slammed on my breaks yesterday morning after church (made sure no one was behind me...I am not THAT crazy) and yelled at my kids...for being loud...funny, right? I yelled at them for yelling. Oh, the irony. I realized I needed to get a grip. So I did!

    1. And yes...what the person said about a girl weekend and a spa! You might just need to get away from the daily grind! :)

  4. Sounds like it's time for a girl's weekend at a spa! :) Hang in there! - Jeanne

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this! Hope things get better. And I agree, chocolate solves everything. Wish I could mail several pounds of it to you, but this heat down here is awful and I'm sure melted chocolate solves nothing. =(

  6. I think you need a LONG mommy-break. Been there. Hugs!

  7. Stress and the ever present juggling of life will do that to you! Pray it's a phase and that no one crosses your path until it passes ;)

    I will tell you one thing that is not annoying, your writing style!! Even when you are on the brink of losing your cool with the annoyances all around you, you still have such a way in your writing that I find so fun!

    Hope you feel more like yourself soon!

  8. Pretty sure this is my favourite picture of you in the history of our friendship.
    I'm not sure i will be able to love another pic more.

  9. I am having the same problem! I am really annoyed people can't return some sign of appreciation. Show some human kindness! It has made me super crabby!

  10. Me TOO!! I almost complete popped a blood vessel yesterday while talking to a completely useless Comcast customer service agent who appeared to have only two simple statements he was allowed to make..........................."I Understand" and "I apologize for your trouble"............all the while NOT helping to fix my problem!!!!!

    I could really use some chocolate too!

  11. I have no wisdom or advice, I just have to say you have some rockin arms!!! way to go :)

  12. Well I don't know how old you are, but I am entering menopause and I HEAR YOU SISTER...chocolate works, I always feel better :) Hope you are happy again soon!!


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