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This Is the Best.

Lake life is where it's at, friends. 

We've had two days of glorious weather and today,it's lousy and cool. Boo. 

Last evening we went fishing and slaughtered the crappies...that's "crop-ees", for those of you that think maybe I'm excited about catching poop. Fish. Not poop.

I've decided that owning a resort would be the perfect business venture for the Mr. and I. I could live my dream of lakeshore living and my entrepreneur husband could work his ever loving butt off as resort owner.

Win-win, right?! :)

I've been a slacker with taking pictures with my "big-girl" camera and have been turning to my iPhone camera more often than not...a glimpse of the last couple of days:


  1. I say go for the Lakefront Resort. I would come visit! I love the sitting on the dock eating ice cream photo...Yum! Enjoy your vacay...keep us posted (pun intended : ).

  2. Looks like absolute bliss! Enjoy yourselves. :D

  3. If you figure out how to convince your husband to be the working his butt of owner let me know because I've dreamed something similar.

  4. Awesome pictures - looks like ya'll are having a great time!

  5. Great pictures! Maybe we could own the resort together? You and I watching kids and sitting by the lake while both of our husbands work their butts off! Ha! Don't see either one of them going for that!


  6. YES YES YES! I agree with owning a resort! You know...since we have work-horse husbands, we could co-own this venture and since they're such hard workers we'd make it a chain in no time! Then we can just travel from hub to hub and love life!

  7. We've had two days of glorious weather and today,it's lousy and cool. Boo.
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