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It's Official...

Today is the FIRST "official" day of summer vacation!!

School ended last Friday, but since the kids would've had off Saturday and Sunday anyway, we consider today to be our first official day!

And, let's talk about how it approximately 8:20 am, I awoke to blood curdling screaming...followed by hysterical giggles. I leaped out of bed (I'm sure THAT was a sight) and discovered my boys giggling and wrestling in bed.

At 8:20am.

On the first "official" day of summer vacation.

Not. Cool. (Name that movie.)

See, one of things we "prize" around here, is the ability to sleep in during the summer. And, yeah, sure, whatever, so maybe "we" is more "me" but still. And 8:20am is NOT sleeping in. In my dictionary, sleeping in is waking, all on your own, without any interruption, at sometime PAST 9am...but preferably before 9:30.

Not that I'm at all picky about what time I wake up, or anything.

And so, now we begin to navigate our new routine of summer vacation. Trampoline, anyone? A walk around the neighborhood, perhaps? (Maybe that'll help my foul mood.) 

Tonight though, we're gonna have some fun...BIG, HUGE baseball game! Playoffs...and we're playing our rival! Wish us luck.


  1. Welcome to summer! Tomorrow wake them up early with some clanging pots and pans. Good luck with playoffs. We gave up travel baseball for travel soccer. Really miss the team (6 yrs together). If it helps, grab your favorite adult drink and put it in a fast food pop cup. Sip, enjoy and relax while watching your kiddos. If it doesn't help, Heaven help the umpire!! :)

  2. Today was our first official day and I giggled when my daughter climbed out of bed after both me and my son woke up and then shortly after, she climbed back into bed!! Perhaps teen years are kicking in early?? :)
    We LOVE the laid back mornings in summer!! It's our "victory" after our hateful relationship with the alarm clock all year!!


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