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Real Time...

I've got a post to write...but I bribed my little girl to do me a favor and therefor, the computer is hers.

She's sitting right by me, repeating, "How 'bout one more mama? How 'bout one more mommy?"...I think she means just one more letter.

I wonder what she thinks when she sees me continuing to type.

Oh, now she's momentarily distracted by the iPhone...perhaps I can finish this post afterall?!

We're finally home after a busy morning of summer activities. I sat in wet grass--oops, hold please...biggest kid needs his birth certificate for baseball.

Okay, back now, waiting for him to come fetch his birth certificate. I'm in a conundrum trying to figure out how we're going to appease our baseball boys who will be playing ball on the same nights for the next several weeks.


Also, trying to decide if we're going to make the hour drive to watch my biggest boy play ball tonight, or if I'm going to be a horrible mom and take a "mom's night off" since I worked all weekend.

And, now I feel horribly selfish so yes, we are going to the game.

Also, "Only one more, mommy, 'kay?" girl is back.

Which means this "Real Time" blog post is over!

Back atcha tomorrow!!


  1. Mama M...You have such a charming personality. Every time I visit here, you put a little smile on my face. I love how you put humor into life...and it just seems like you are such a delightful lady!

    Life with kiddos is busy indeed. And although it can be is also so rewarding! One day ...before ya know it, you will have an empty nest like me, and you will fondly recall all of your precious life when your family was at home with you. THEN comes grandbabies and new adventures begin.

    Now our journey may include great-grand-babies in just a few years! Where oh where does life go when it swiftly marches by?

    Love to you and yours.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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