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Pink Eye...and Other Maladies.

Last Tuesday, at a baseball game, I noticed my baby girl's eye was awfully boogery. By the time I had wiped away said eye boogers for the gazillionth time in approximately 15.3 minutes, it dawned on me that, perhaps, something was going on with her eye.

As in, PINK EYE.

Never had that before, round these parts. 

I watched it, it didn't seem to bother her, so I decided to just wait it out. Then, Saturday afternoon, I received a text on my lunch break at work that said, "Hambone has the same thing in his eyes that Baby Girl had"...and I shrugged my shoulders and continued to snarf down my lunch.

What I wasn't prepared for when I saw my baby boy was how bad his eyes looked. Already, on Day 1, his eyes were worse than baby's had EVER gotten. I, however, being of the "nurse mom" variety that refuses to visit the ER unless it's for a heart attack or missing limb (well, and for abdominal pain, too, I've learned) dug my heels in and knew we'd have to weather the weekend until clinics opened up again on Monday.

Turns out, I work on today (Monday), so I thought I'd just wait and see how the day went and maybe shoot for a Tuesday doctor appointment...until...

Until Hambone was taking a bath and called me in, "Mama, I had a deer tick." he calmly told me and pointed to a funky looking spot on his butt.

I then rapid fired questions at him, "Are you SURE it was a deer tick?" "How big was it?" "Was there blood in it?" "Where is the tick?" "You FLUSHED it?!?!?!?!" "Next time, you need to show me!" "Oh, baby, your eyes." Okay, so yeah...they weren't all questions.

And thus, my doctor decision was made. Raging pink eye AND a tick bite? That calls for a little PTO for mama and a doctor appointment for the boy. (Thankful my job allows me that flexibility!)

In other news, when I mentioned that Hambone had pink eye, Baby Girl said, "Mama, he doesn't have pink eye...I have pink eye...HE has red eye."

Touché, Baby Girl, touché.


  1. Ouch poor kiddos! Pink eye is the worst.

  2. Wellllll... since you are now taking him to the doctor this may not help you much now anyways, but to get rid of pink eye you can use tea bags. Green tea worked best for me but black tea can work too. Just soak the tea bag like you're going to make a cup of tea and then have your kiddo sit down for a few minutes with the tea bag over the eye (just make sure it's not hot). The tea will not hurt at all if you get it into the eye, in fact, it's recommended. A few times a day of this, some rinsing with water here and there and very and let me stress VERY clean hand so as not to spread it and it should go away.

    Might I add too that pink eye is highly contagious and even if he's got some eye drops, another family member may be next. Make him wash his hands like crazy and wash yours like crazy every time you help him with anything.

  3. bless his heart... that looks terrible! Hope no one else gets it... pink eye is so hard to get rid of when you have multiple children.

  4. Poor sweetie. Pink eye is the worst thing ever. I hate it and am dreading the first case in our household.

    And a deer tick!! He seemed so calm about it my girls would have been basket cases.

  5. Awe...poor babies :( hope everyone feels better soon xo

  6. Seriously?!?!? How come this always happens when you're working?!?! Wowza...poor Hambone.


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