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Talkin' Shop...Nurse Humor!

I'm waaaayyyyy overdue for a Talkin' Shop post. Like waaaayyyyy!! This is more of just a funny little something, but I think you'll enjoy it!

The following video is all the rage amongst my nursing friends...and I've gotta say, it is SPOT ON hilarious!!!

Did you laugh as hard as I did, or is it just funny to nurses??? "My maybe baby daddy", "I was buying my Marlboros and Mountain Dew at WalMart"...and the stuff about pre term?! Seriously...we hear this stuff!

Stay tuned for more frequent Talkin' Shop posts!


Oh, and check out the details for the 2nd Annual Mr. Wonderfulest Contest! It's gonna be fun!


  1. So Freaking Hilarious. And I'm not a nurse.

  2. Snort. That was hilarious. :)

  3. omg!!! This is so completely true!!! I'm a NICU nurse and hear these stories all the time!!! Just found your blog and I love it!!!!

  4. I disagree with your Twitter. It IS funny for sure. Forget having to be a nurse. Sadly, you can hear this stuff on any type of "mommy" forum! lol

    It's not like I was hitting the crack pipe... nearly made me choke on my Pepsi. So sad but so funny!

  5. Definitely funny! Sad that it actually happens, though.

  6. *snicker* Wonder if she listens to Pink Floyd...justsayin

  7. Peds nurse here and I have "taken care" of countless parents like that....HILARIOUS!!!
    LOVE the part about "just" 3 months in the NICU... seriously- this is dead on accurate, and awesome:)

  8. Don't know about non-nurses, but I almost peed my pants when I saw this one on one of my friends FB page. If you are not easily offended, check out the OB vs 911 video, too. Both hilarious and so TRUE...sad, but TRUE! I so miss being in the room when that baby is born...just moved to a state that is giving me a run around about my license, Georgia. Anyway, just found your blog and love it.

  9. K, yep, pretty stinkin' funny!

  10. Oh my word - that was hilarious!

  11. "It hurts all over and I just can't sleep..." Do people really think that if they have a baby that that would change? I hurt WORSE after I delivered, and definitely slept LESS because some little thang wanted to nurse every freaking minute. This is why I am SO glad I don't work in the medical field any more! haha!

  12. Hilarious! I am a nurse and find much hilarity in things like that, but even my husband (non-nurse) was cracking up. He wants a tshirt for when we get pregnant that says I'm Her Maybe Baby Daddy. lol

  13. Truely funny- no nurses here either! But, my question is- how do you get through a conversation like that without SMACKING the CRAP out of people!!!

  14. Ridiculously funny! So glad I found you the other day!

    Stop by b/c I've given you an award!

  15. That is so sad! I hear crap like that too! Sometimes people just don't think.

  16. WAY too true!! I'm a peds nurse and we see parents like this ALL THE TIME!!

  17. Hilarious! I can't even imagine the things you hear!


    "it's not like im hitting the crack pipe...whats the big deal??"

    no for real i have HAD this exact conversation with patients. like exactly. kinda freaky i thought it was a recording of my conversation.

    thanks for that hahahahahaha


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