Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears


Okay, I lied. There will be no lions and/or tigers in this post...

But bears????

Ohhhhhhh...yes ma'am! (Or sir. I hate to exclude.)

Our recent adventure to the big city took us to the MinneSOOOta Zoo. Rained out baseball games made for a perfect excuse to visit the zoo...rainy days make for a very empty zoo...very empty zoos are, actually, quite fun to explore!

This guy is puzzled about why there are a bunch of weirdos staring at him when it's raining outside.

Then, things got nasty. The naughty one (on land) decided to walk up and cuff his brother (friend?) upside the head.

The friend (brother?) got angry and yelled.

The naughty one wasn't takin' any flack from his brother (friend?) he yelled back.

I felt right at home. In fact, I kinda wanted to jump in that cage, scold those bickering bears and put them in time out. But something about me, in a cage with Grizzly bears...well, let's just say that I don't think I could play dead very well.

Continuing on...we saw monkeys (or is it baboons? I dunno...some primate...) sucking on pacifiers.

Feel sorry for the poor sap who's riding home with a nukie-less kiddo...but was rather intrigued about how those monkeys knew just what to do with a pacifier!

We ran into Komodo Dragons, and Hambone was convinced that "that dragon ran out of fire".

I also discovered the problem with MinneSOOOOta:

Here is my family peering in a pool of something junglish. It was at about this time that my ADD kicked in and I was having a hard time focusing and staying on task (hence my waaaaaayyyyy ahead of them position)...and I can't remember for the life of me what was in that pool.

I was intending for this to be an "evolution of the zoo visitor" photo...until my youngest boy moved and wrecked the whole scene. At this point...I was nearly full on sprinting through the dang jungle and I didn't want to stop and recreate the scene.

I was B-O-R-E-D. With a capital B. Those dang animals don't do anything but stare back. Fer dumb. *I wanna go back to the bears!!!* At least they fight.

But then...


SHOES!!!! Who knew there were shoes in zoos????

And, my day was made.

The end.


  1. I once went to the zoo and saw polar bears mating and the head mandrill taking care of a little somethin' somethin' on his own. No trip to the zoo will ever beat that one. Ever.

  2. They should have at least let you try them on.. :)

    and lol @Bethany

  3. The zoo here has been closed for almost 2 years now. It just reopened last month. But 2 summers ago we took the kids to the zoo back home. Oh. Oh..was it anything but boring. Every.Single.Animal was M.A.T.I.N.G. Or, um, hmmm....I really don't know how to say this LOL - helping themselves?? Yeahhhh. That was fun (not really) trying to explain to my kids. LOL

  4. Man, my zoo must be boring compared to you all's! The only thing I ever see mating at the zoo is tortoises, and let me tell ya, they do THAT slow too! I think I am with you. The zoo bores me to tears, but it is worth it to see the kiddos' faces light up when I say that we are going to the zoo!

  5. Sounds like a fun day at the zoo. I love to go when it's not busy. And shoes- who knew but super cute, although they don't look that comfortable. I love watching the bears "play".

  6. LOL! You crack me up :) Glad you had a good time and found shoes :)

  7. I am hoping to hit up the PA zoo when we visit in a couple of weeks. This gets me excited!!! I wonder if the PA has shoes too?!

  8. Love the bear pictures! Excellent shots!
    What a fun trip and...hello shoes...come to Momma.

  9. I love the pictures of the bears!
    We have a membership to the Pittsburgh Zoo, and go all the time!


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