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I am *gasp* Imperfect

I know. I can't believe it either.

I've always (secretly) patted myself on the back for my sweet potty training skills. 5 kids, trained prior to 2 1/2, longest trainee was 1 week in training. Not too shabby.

Things always fell into place after they were "awake" trained...dry at naptime followed quickly, with staying dry through the night close behind.

Baby Girl trained early and quickly...naptimes started becoming an "almost" dry experience, so, to entice her to stay dry, we abolished diapers at naptime. Within a couple of days, she was dry through naps. *Quiet, proud high five to self*

Bedtime was, however, a different story. Most of my other kiddos had been staying dry at this point in their "potty training careers"...I just kept waiting for it to happen with my babe. Here and there, she'd wake up dry, but, for the most part, she was usually pretty soaking wet by morning.

And, here's where my imperfection comes in. My "epic fail" potty training decision. (And, for the record...I could probably tell you a bazillion other ways in which I am imperfect...but let's just pretend, for today, that this is my only imperfection. It's better for my psyche that way.)

I was discussing with my Mr. Wonderful, that we needed to start "weaning" our babe off of diapers at night. What I had envisioned was, limiting her fluids after supper time, waking her to go potty before we settled in for the night, and slowing easing our way out of's what happened:

Me: "Hon, we've gotta start getting her out of diapers at night."

Hottie: "Mmmm, hmmm. Okay."

Me, taking the babe to her room to get her jammies and diaper on for the night: "Well, guess we start tonight. We're out of diapers. I'll just be resigned to lot's of bed changes for awhile."

Dreamy: "Mmmm, hmmm. Okay."

Fast forward a week and a half later. A week and a half of twice nightly waking to a cold, wet, crying baby, changing sheets, washing, washing, washing sheets, mattress pads, jammies, unders, buying training pants, washing those, etc., etc.

I'm done. She is so not ready for being diaperless at night. At 2 years and 4 months, I shouldn't feel too bad, but DANG! This is my first "potty training failure". My first red check on the chapter of my life which is titled, "Potty Training".


I just bought diapers. (I'm NOT giving in on my "no Pull-ups" rule!!)

Is it terrible that I'm looking forward to sleeping through the night tonight?

'Cuz I am.

And, I'll bet that my babe is, too.


  1. This might make you feel better: my almost 6-year-old still wets the bed almost nightly. I don't blog about that because my "kid" blog will be printed off and scrapbooked, but it's true. Every morning, he takes his wet stuff off the bed and brings it ALL downstairs. It's fun. Fabulous. Fantastic. We're looking into bed alarms because we think his problem is that he is just SUCH A DEEP SLEEPER. He pees and doesn't even wake up when he's doing it. We've tried the "goodnites" sleep diaper thingies but none of them hold all of his urine, so we were not only spending the money on the diapers but also having to spend the oney and energy to wash all the bedding anyway. So we quit those and just let 'er fly.

    Anyway, that will hopefully make you feel better! ;)

  2. I'm about to become your best friend because I'm going to make you feel loads better. You ready?

    My oldest turned 3 in January. She still wears a diaper at bedtime. She would probably wear one at naptime too, IF she took naps, which she refuses to do.

    I also have a daughter that turned 2 in March. She is in diapers and no where close to potty training.

    Feel better?

    Oh, and I don't do pull-ups either.

  3. Questions, advice. My son is 18mths and last week started taking his diaper off most times when he was wet. He has shown an interest in sitting on the toilet so I thought we may be ready to start. My daughter was easy and potty trained by 2, through the night at 2 4mths. A boy is, obviously, different. What tips do you have for getting him trained? What is your "no pullup" rule and why??

  4. My granddaughter was trained at 15 months, except at night. At this point I don't think the overnight thing is a big deal. She will grow out of it and so will your little one.

  5. So I'm a huge potty training FAIL if that's your fail. Mine refuses to poop in the toilet. She pees like a champ but will not poop in the toilet. I can take her down off the toilet and 5 minutes later her pants are full and she's shaking it out her leg onto the carpet. She just turned 3 in May and literally 15 minutes ago I put a diaper back on her because I'm tired of washing poop every day. If I can deal with Colby being in diapers for the rest of his life then I'm not going to fight with Riley over this. It's not like after she's potty trained I'll be able to stop buying diapers so I'm done stressing over it.

  6. Awesome track record! :) I think one "imperfection" is okay. We won't hold it against you! ;)

    My daughter was day-trained at something like 2 yrs 10 months, and at 3 yrs 6 months, she's still not nap- or night-trained.

    We use pull-ups. She wears them for naps and at night, and if we're going to be in a situation where a potty isn't easily available.

    Yes, that is my laziness coming out, but I'm 35 wks pregnant and the t-ball field the tiny tots use is THE FARTHEST POSSIBLE from the little two-stall bathroom. One mad dash to the potty only to find it occupied and have an accident ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR was plenty for me! :)

    My son just turned 2 and he has sat on the potty twice in his life, and never used it. I'm totally not worried about it. It'll happen when it happens. :)

  7. OK, so what are your secrets to potty training then..I know it is when they are ready, but I can't get my girl to be nap/bedtime trained..we use pull-ups which I hate, but can't really fathom all the washing of sheets constantly..should I just bite that bullet or is there something I'm missing?!


  8. I am also quite proud of my potty training abilities. Night time is no big deal - it's totally worth the sleep you've been missing.

  9. oh how I wish my 22 month old would potty train (during the day)... she says potty, wants all her clothes off, and sits on it and laughs and that's it! Of course at night she is not ready for... she is SOAKED in the mornings.

    My other 2 were just shy of 3 when they potty trained but when they did they did it all the way right away.

  10. I haven't been through potty training yet so I have no advice... sorry! But I can say that a sane mommy is important so don't feel bad about whipping out the diapers so you can get sleep! We're weening Abby off the bottle at night which is very difficult and there are some nights that I just need sleep so I give in. It's not the best thing to do but sleep is so important!

  11. My 17 year old (who would die if she knew I was telling you this) was not dry every night until the 2nd grade. Yes, I said 2nd grade. We chose not to make a big deal about it; we knew there was nothing physically wrong with her, so we just gave her time. We had a plastic matress cover that I just wiped down every morning after taking off the sheets. I let it air dry during the day and put on fresh sheets in the afternoon. It was just a regular part of our daily routine. It was like magic when she stopped; one night she just didn't wet the bed and was dry at night from then on. My middle child never wet the bed at night, but now my youngest, who is 6, wets the bed at night at least 2-3 times per week. I think they just sleep hard and some innate alarm inside them has to be developed in order to wake up...similar to how children learn to walk, talk, etc. I'm no child psychologist or pediatrician; that's just personal opinion :)

  12. she will get it soon enough and all will be well ... Good luck

  13. My daughter was potty trained at right after she turned 3 and then 4 months later she was potty trained for bedtime. My son who going to be 3 in July is potty trained with naps and wears underwear ALL day but I cannot get him to poo in the toilet. It's hit or miss. If I catch him, I can get him to go. But then if I don't, he will hide somewhere and go in his pants. It is hated.
    We're not perfect and neither are our children. Each will potty train on their time.

  14. Addyson is 3 yrs and 4 months old, and still wears a diaper to bed. No pull ups either. I stress about it off and on. She has been day potty trained since she was 2, and dry for naps at the same time. Like yours, there have been a handful (though small, like a 2 month old's handful) of nights where she has woken dry...but usually soaked. I don't know at what point I am supposed to do something different. Just let nature take its course, and wait til she wakes dry consistently?

  15. I am having a major potty training fail right now. My daughter is 3 yrs and 3 months and we have been diligently working on the training for MONTHS now. She never tells me when she has to go so I spend pretty much my whole day taking her to the potty just to "try and go". Forget dry naps and dry nights. She seems to save her poops for nap time and has only pooped in the toilet once. She's been trying out underwear during the day and that seems to curb the accidents but when she does go in her underwear she won't tell me. I'm trying so hard to just be patient and let her do it at her own pace but I feel like she is just being stubborn most of the time. Now my son is almost two and he's starting to show interest....I want to start the training with him but I just don't know if I can handle the pressure of training two at the same time, especially being six months pregnant.....

  16. Ok, nothing to do with this post, sorry...

    Just wanted to tell you this, though!

    After seeing you yesterday, one particular child in my car (not my child) kept saying your oldest son's name over and over. " I like the sound of his name..." she kept saying.

    It was too funny!

    Have a great day, see you around!

  17. I too would consider myself a pretty darn good potty trainer. All by 2 1/2 even my son. The nap and night time have never been great for me. My first physically wasn't ready to be diaper free at night until she had turned 4 which was a year and a half after she had mastered the potty. My second went from potty trained to nap trained to night trained in one fell swoop and my son is potty trained but naps are iffy and night time scares me. It is the day time training we need to focus on doing and doing well. Their little bodies will take care of when they are ready for the rest.


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