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The Outlaws...and Breeding Cows.

I experienced something the other night that I can honestly say I've never ever experienced before. Interesting stuff...

Let me tell you a little story.

This, is BIL #1 (not 'cuz I rate my BIL's according to's just that he's the oldest of my husbands brothers...well, all siblings, actually...). BIL #1 has a way with cows.

BIL #2 (ha!! Fitting for him...#2!!) and my hubby raise Red Angus beef cattle as a hobby. Part of raising said cattle is...well...making more cattle. Phrases like, "I might be late...I hafta breed a cow" are entirely normal around here.

Only thing I'm a city girl. Well...a "recovering" city girl! When my hubby convinced me to move to the country, I had no idea what I was missing! But, never in my life have I been witness to a "cattle conception".

And, I had my chance last week. (Warning...the following photos may be graphic to some viewers...and may invoke many questions by small children if they happen to see them...continue at your own risk or something...)

This is BIL #1...preparing his "effects":

This is BIL #1 up to his biceps in...well...ahem:

And that's where I wanted to go up to that sweet red cow, pet her and sooth her and speak to her woman to woman.

She looked at me with her big brown eyes...and I didn't have the heart to take anymore photos. Poor girl. least she'll get a sweet little red cow out of the deal (or bull...but, I still call 'em all "cows").

'Cept for this guy:

"Mickey"! Ha!! Don't let the name fool ya. He ain't no mouse, that's for sure! Dude is HUGE!!!

Anyway...I no longer have any desire to see a cow be bred anytime soon.

But, the "unbreding", I'd LOVE to see! All those cute little calves...and I haven't been able to see one...NOT A ONE!! birthed yet. Oh, the inequities of life...

I am a woman on mission to watch a baby calf be born (let's just hope I don't forget my camera!!)!


  1. You should contact my cousin Crystal at Soup Baby she is also a "cow" making family and she has some cool videos of the birthings interesting to say the least =)

  2. I wanted to yelp with pain for that poor cow!!!

  3. My hubby is a good "cow breeder" too! LOL! We raise Red Angus too, just curious what bull did they breed the lovely lady too??

  4. My husband and I are both veterinarians. He does exclusively large animals-mainly cows and horses. Our dinner table conversation can be interesting...some are related to breeding- like "I have to wait to breed that horse-the semen is stuck in Toronto" and various other OB stuff- like prolasped uterus and dystocias and sections. The lives we lead and we really wonder what our kids teachers think of our lives.
    Newish reader, first time commenter, fellow proud Roman Catholic and Canadian to boot (complete with Cdn pronunciation of "boot").
    Love your blog esp 5Q Friday


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