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I've been holding out on you...again.

There's something I haven't told you. (Nope, not pregnant...)

I'm sorry that I've been doing this...holding out. First the potatoes, and now this! Sheesh. Forgive me? Please?

I didn't realize I was holding out on you until I rediscovered it myself. But, dang. THIS is a good something! And, good somethings need to be shared, dontcha think?! I do. I like sharing good stuff. Unless it's shoes.

I don't like sharing shoes. Feet germs make me gag. Give me the heebie jeebies. *shudder*

I saw a tweet from @brideleon and @mamakatslosinit about what to use for eczema on their kids...and I suddenly remembered what the "magic" cure was for my own eczematic (is that a word? It is now.) kid...

Know what this is?

Pretty green tin...

"Special Directions":

Wait...just them more closely:

Yes, it says "For Cows".

This, my friends, is Bag Balm (and it's made in Vermont! Everything in Vermont is awesome...Hi Uncle Louie!):

Bag Balm, meet friends. (Say "hi friends!")

This stuff has turned my Hambone from an eczema splotchy kid to an eczema free kid. Come to think of it...I don't think I've used it since we got it cleared up with this "Miracle Balm"! It's very lanolin-y...and it also works wonders on my perpetually chapped lips. (Hello Mama. Oh, already know each other.)

To answer your question...yes. I put a product made for cows on my son and on my lips. It's fabulous.

To answer your other get it from the pharmacist. As in, behind the counter. No prescription needed, but for some reason they keep it under lock and key. It's that good.

Or, maybe it's just a MinneSOOOta thing. Maybe there's a weird Bag Balm militia that kipes it all from the shelves. I dunno. All I know was that I had to ask Mr. Pharmacist to please put in my possession a tin of smearable gold.

And, I clutched it and protected it with my life all the way home. Cuz, I figured, if they keep it under such close wraps, it must be some hot stuff.

So, my dear friends...I urge you to go out and procure for yourselves a tin of this stuff.

Bag Balm. It's what all the cool peeps use. (Or, at least that's what I tell myself.)


  1. I remember my mom slathering bag balm on my hands and feet before putting socks on both at night time when my skin was dry in winter. ASnd my stepdad swears by the stuff and uses it on everything. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. OMG!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My 3yr old has had eczema since the womb. I've been looking for the "cure" because I don't want to go back to steroid cremes. Bag Balm---I'll let u know how we do with it.

  3. I have TERRIBLE eczema all over my hands and nothing helps! It's so hard to do anything when your hands are bleeding and cracking all over the place - not so attractive! :) I've tried so many things, but tonight I am rushing off to Walgreens after work to get me some Bag Balm. Here's to hoping it works! Thanks Mama M!

  4. I love that you can make one simple post into the funniest thing ever. You are hilarious!!!!

  5. Going to get some asap! Why were you holdin out on us for so long!!

  6. Sounds like some great stuff to have on hand!!

  7. My mom SWEARS by this stuff! Thank you for reminding me of it! I could actually use some. ^_^

  8. I remember this stuff as a kid. I think was a red tin back then. I should get some. You never know when you'll need a little bag balm :)

  9. I LOVE Bag Balm! I've used it for years.

    Over here in Wisconsin, it just sits on the shelf like normal. Must be a special thing over there in Minnesoooota :)

  10. Wow! My 8 1/2 month old is on steroid cream, just moved from twice a day every day to 3 times a week (and we put vanicream on him 4 times a day!) You can't tell he has it because it works so well...but that Bag balm sounds a lot easier!! Thanks for the tip! What are the ingredients?!

  11. Bag Balm is da bomb! :) My little gymnast always had blisters and callouses from the bars. A little BB and some white socks over her hands at night and she was in great shape the next morning. Great for rough heels and elbows, too.

  12. all good things like this are for cows... or horses... my husband uses a fantastic thing, kinda like icy hot, but it's for horses.

  13. I must agree with you on this one Mama M! We have had this in our house at all times for 4+ years. They don't keep it under lock and key here in SD but it is hard stuff to find. I get mine at a farm supply store! One of the twins has had eczema since birth and she gets slathered (is that a word) with it all the time! We haven't used steroid creams in over a year. I also use it on my feet in the summer when they get icky and callous looking.
    What other finds do you have hiding that I may not know about??

  14. Oh wow. Little E gets breakouts with his skin during the winter and we have to switch everything. I have to start using scent free soap, Aveeno Lotions, dove body wash and slather him up with lotion lotion lotion all winter. Thanks! I will be asking my Pharmacist for some.

  15. Omigosh, that stuff is AMAZING. I had really bad eczema and dry skin when I was little and my mom swore by it. Weird that MN makes you get it from behind the counter but totally worth it. Maybe it is in short supply? I should stock up :)Is there a limit on the amount that I can buy?

  16. Love this stuff. We don't have eczema but do have dry skin a lot and this stuff is awesome. Udder Cream works well too (well for dry skin) =)

  17. HAHA! We use the same kinda thing up here, except it's called Udder Cream. Who knew lotion for cow's privates could work so well on us?! Seriously....who figured that one out....

  18. Thanks for the tip! I battle eczema on and off throughout the year, so I'm super excited about this stuff!

  19. I knew what that was as soon as I saw the first picture! I grew up using that stuff! Honestly, I haven't seen it around, and now I'm going to search for it to see if it helps with my daughter's horrible eczema!

  20. When we were younger, we used something called Udder Butter (I think that's what it was called:)- same concept, and it looks just like your Bag Balm! You could just buy it at the store without a script. Thanks for reminding me about this- I should use it for my daughter- she has the dryest skin and itches it like crazy.

    Have a great weekend!:)

  21. I love that you can make one simple post into the funniest thing ever.
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  22. My husband just bought some this week for our son's diaper rash. He bought it at Tractor Supply!!! It worked like a charm!!

    I will have to try it on our daughter's eczema too! Thanks!

  23. Oh dear I can smell that stuff now! My mom would slather me after my baths as a kid. I think we got it from our Vet friends. We also used udder balm. I was a regular old cow as a child...haha. It totally cured my skin issues though!!


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