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I hate it.

I hate being judged. I hate being critiqued. I know it makes a person better, but I'm such a softy...sometimes I just can't bear to hear that I suck.

It's why I kept my blog to myself for so's why I still don't shout from the roof tops that I have this goofy little blog.'s what's been holding me back from showing you what I'm going to show you.

I have recently re-fallen in love with photography. I have always loved photography...I would imagine the fabulous shots I would get of abandoned barns and rickety old buildings. I dreamed of capturing phenomenal shots of my children to decorate our walls with.

It's what's driving me to become a better photographer...and not just a "picture taker".

I was playing around on Picnik the other day (which is really just a catch 22...lets you do just enough with your photos to make them better...but not enough to make them fantabulous! Now I want Photoshop even more than I already did...)...anyway, I was playing around...and these are just a couple that "spoke" to me.

My Baby Girl...

Okay...I'm a big girl. I can handle this...

How can I make these better? What are your photography tips?


  1. Those are really good! I mean really good.

  2. I don't know how you can possibly make these pictures any better... they're GORGEOUS!!!!! You're good!

  3. I don't think there's a thing you could do to improve them. I WISH I could take pictures like that of my children. Thank you for taking a chance and sharing these with us!

  4. The thing to remember about photography is its all about perspective. Its an art. And from mine (& it seems like everyone else) perspective these are absolutely fabulous.

  5. Wow...I think they are honestly beautiful just the way they are! I wish I had the gift of photography...I'm lucky if I figure out how to make them black and white on my camer lol :)

  6. I don't much about photography, but I do know what I think and I think those photos are FANTASTIC-keep doing what you are doing.

  7. I think they look great and you're just being too hard on yourself. I like the angles that you shot them from. Every photographer has 'their' style and you have to stick with what you know. Lighting is very important and when you get that you can edit the rest. Great work!

  8. No tips, I am far from any sort of decent photographer!

    But I do love them :)

  9. Oh girl - those are AMAZING! I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to be a photographer. You could've pulled those thoughts right from head. 'Cept I can't take pictures like that. I can try. But I can not. (Even with the help of photoshop)

  10. Oh Mama these are fabulous!!! I love dabbling in photography too but I am nowhere near that good.. please come teach me... pretty please ;) You rocked this out.. from the angle all the way through the editing (which is the hardest part for me)


  11. It's obvious you have an eye for composition! These are BEAUTIFUL captures! Sometimes it's hard to remember that photography is art, and art is subjective. You should focus on what you find beautiful! :) If you are interested in going deeper into the world of photography, and learning the technical side of it there is no better time than now! Google, read, practice, and practice and practice! And above all else SHOOT! I suggest joining a forum, is AWESOME.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work! Please share!

  12. These shots are great! I love your composition.
    It's all about what you think looks good as far as editing goes. I like what you have done with them but since you asked for tips...I think I would go a little less vignetting on the second one and make it a B&W- that one looks like it has some blue tones in it.
    You said that you want Photoshop but I have Lightroom 3 and I gotta say I LOVE it!
    Did you take the photos on the right of your family? Those are great!
    I knew you had a photographer in you when I saw your RAW(e) chocolate picture through Sami's Raw(e) chocolate challenge- that was a COOL shot! :-)

  13. I say the same thing about Picnik. I love it, but it just doesn't do it all. And apparently I can't figure it all out. In my opinion, your pics look pretty darn good, though!

  14. You know that I am nothing but honest, right?

    I. Love. Them.

    Seriously. Especially the first one, it's so whimsical.

    Well done. Can't wait to see more of your work!

  15. Photography is all about perspective. The technical side is also constantly evolving. Don't be hard on yourself. Those are such adorable shots of your little girl. I love photography myself, but I've found that when I start trying to critique too much, or try to hard to get "the perfect shot," that it's just not as fun. I love what you've done, and look forward to seeing more. :)

  16. I'm not a great photographer, but I do have some experience with Photoshop. I know you really want to "improve" (they really are great pictures) so I spent some time scrutinizing. The tire swing picture looks like the focus might be off the slightest bit. The subject is too clear and the background too blurry. The background should magically disappear like it doesn't matter, and it really doesn't when the subject is something you love. The second picture just seems too blue to me. Since blue isn't a natural skin or hair color, it leaves you with an "off" feeling about the image. If you want it blue tinted, try deepening the color a bit so you KNOW it's colored and not wondering why the picture doesn't seem right.

    Again, I'm not a pro at this, just someone who's viewed and edited photos for fun. I hope this is helps you achieve the perfection you're looking for. Good luck! I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

  17. Oh I think those are gorgeous!

  18. Beautiful shots. Good for you for being so brave. Don't worry, so many of us are still learning and messing around with our you're not alone!

  19. Tips? Who needs tips? I do. You. Well, You need a paying gig! They are wonderful. I especially love the bottom one. Crisp at the face/eye and blurred at the edges. It's really good. Helps that you have a beautiful model.

  20. Tips. You don't need tips. You need a paying gig.

  21. Girl, I think they are fabulous! Did you use Picnik for these? I just have Photoshop Elements 8 (much cheaper than big version) and like it pretty well but don't know my way around it completely. I am dying to learn some new tricks with it. But I don't think you need tips. I think these are framable! AWESOME!

  22. These are awesome, and i should know, i work with photographers everyday for the past 15 years. let me know if you'd like to print anything on canvas.they would look even more awesome!

  23. It's my personal opinion that those photo's are great just the way they are. They are fabulous!

  24. Don't be afraid! Go for it!!! If you have the passion, I think that's all that matters. :) And you seem to have the natural eye too! Can't wait to see more!
    I want to get a nice camera and learn more about photography too. For now, I borrow my boyfriend's Canon 7D. I just posted a bunch of pics I took if you are interested. I still have a lot to learn!
    One tip... I don't think your pics need that much editing really. I'd say skip Picnik, get Photoshop (or Aperture, my boyfriend has that) and experiment with the color correcting and such until you find what you like. I think that less is more! Like those family pics on your sidebar, love the more natural look of them. Just my opinion, take it or leave it! :)

  25. Wow...I guess I'm pretty much with the crowd. If I had objective feedback to offer I would...I absolutely love the tire swing picture. It's the kind of unposed photo I am always trying to capture of my kids.

  26. I adore the tire photo! I absolutely adore it!!! The other is fab too but the top one just grabs me!

  27. I am so not a photographer, so I don't have a single piece of advice for you, but I think they are beautiful! Amazing lady!

  28. I LOVE the first one...really love it.
    There is something about the second one that seems kinda off to me though...and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the processing you did to it...I know I don't like that effect on picnik, (though I don't remember what it's called...but can totally spot it when I see it as I'm addicted to that stupid site!)
    The pictures are beautiful. I love taking pictures...and have a few I need to upload myself.
    I'm just rambling.
    Don't listen to me.
    I know not what I speak of. :p


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