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I'm gonna miss this...

Somedays, when I'm faced with this:

I wonder when it will get easier. I wonder when my days won't be filled with needs, demands, requests and chaos.

And then I realize...

I realize it'll all be gone too soon.

And I can wait forever to have "too soon" arrive.

"Tho the days seem long,
The years go fast."

-Author Unknown


  1. I get it! I SO get it. I try to remind myself of this fact every day. Some days are better than others, but it's so true!

  2. I have days like that too. Especially lately when the youngest thinks it's funny to flush random things down the toilet. But I know that in a few years she won't be so little & I will really miss these days.

  3. I LOVE that last picture! Awesome shot!!
    And I agree...hold onto and cherish this time you have...because it won't be long before this time does pass.

  4. This is definitely something I try to remind myself of! Thanks for this :)

  5. So true! Life is short and even the rough days are great ones!

  6. OK. This is just the post I NEEDED to read today. Thank you! I am often so frustrated and at my wits end with my toddler. But you are right. I will miss it. It goes too fast.

    Thank you!

  7. Thanks for the is so true.

    Have you heard the Dariu Rucker song "It Won't Be Like This For Long" yet? It makes me cry every.single.time.

  8. p.s. here's a link to the video...

  9. you are so right. every day is so precious. i really wish i was a WAHM so i could enjoy each moment, or at least more moments than i do now.

  10. Such a sweet post! I love the photos that go with it.

  11. I think these thoughts almost every day. And I love that quote at the end. Couldn't be more true than that.

  12. Have you seen this video/heard this song:
    It came out right about the time my DS decided he wanted to SCREAM his infant head off all day long. I thought I really had made a poor decision in having children... then I watched this video and bawled my eyes out and hugged on my son. It's definitely a good thing to keep perspective as a parent. I am confident this is the only reason each and every one of us is still alive today-- otherwise our parents might have killed us too :)

  13. oh, haha, I just realized someone else posted a link to the video. oh well... great minds think alike!

  14. So very true, I have to keep reminding myself of that lately. I know there will come a time when I will actually miss this chaos even though some days it is enough to make me scream. I just have to take a deep breath (sometimes go in a completely different room and take a couple of deep breaths) and then remind myself that all too soon my babies will be grown and won't come to me quite as much as they do now. Then I scoop them up and love on them and try to hang on to my sanity til bedtime :)

  15. Such a timely boys went to camp together. For the first time they left me behind. With my husband at work, my house felt so empty. I can't wait for them to come home :)

  16. Very true. She's such a doll.

    I'm now singing "You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back, you're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast...."

  17. I know exactly how you feel. Wonderful pictures!

  18. I totally hear ya! Some days I just want my boys to be bigger so that I can get a break...but then I realize I'm gonna miss these days sooooo much. Plus I'll be really old ;)

    Great pictures. Do you use Photoshop? I just bought it and I'm sooooo confused!

  19. Hey I've seen those faces in my house recently. My soon to be 4 year old is very practiced. Oh but just you wait. Oh the faces of a will drive you mad certain days.

    So eat up these sweet little faces, the cute turn of the face, the hip kicked out. Soon it will be gone


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