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Five Question Friday! 1/7/11

Well, gosh. Not until I wrote the title to this post did I realize this is the first 5QF of 2011!

Anywho...let's get down to tummy is all yucky and rumbly and queasy and before I start barfing, I'd like to get this done! ;) Okay, so I'm not really all too sure on the barfing part...but, nonetheless, I like to be prepared. *blech*

Most of you know the drill, by now...but if you're a newcomer (WELCOME!! I'm glad to have you!) here's your info:

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them (duh!!), then watch for the linky post (with my answers) to appear tomorrow morning!

Questions for Friday, January 7th: (Special thanks to @mom2xover2002, @trooppetrie, Scott, Kate, and Leslie for their question suggestions! If you want to be linked in a future 5QF, c'mon over to my community and offer up your best question suggestions! Feel free to shout 'em out on Twitter too, use hashtag #5QF and tweet to me, @5crookedhalos!!)

1. What is your current favorite book, and why?

2. Do you go to the dentist regularly?

3. What is your worst memory from High School?

4. What do you hope to be remembered for in your life?

5. Are you superstitious or do you have any superstitions?


1. What is your current favorite book, and why?

Currently, my favorite book is the oft hilarious and incredibly full of information, "The Digital Photography Book". Actually, it's a series.

Of three.

Written by my new favorite author/photographer/knowledge-giver/person: Scott Kelby.

Oh my word...if you like photography, need a great "How To" book and appreciate a good dose of humor, then these books are for you!

And now, you think I'm a dork 'cuz I chose a "How To" book as my current favorite book. I know...├╝ber geek here.

Seriously, tho...laugh out loud funny!

2. Do you go to the dentist regularly?



You see, I always have good intentions. Once upon a time, back when I had a mere 2 or 3 children, I actually took care of myself and went to the dentist every 6 months like a good person should.

But then, a pregnancy coupled with morning sickness was ill timed for one of my appointments, and everything went downhill from there. When I finally did go back in (and lemme tell ya, there is NOTHING I hate more than dental work/pain) I had a hygienist that was pure evil.

Seriously, forget waterboarding, if they want information from terrorists, all they have to do is get this chick to work on the terroist's teeth and they'd all be singin' like canaries.

I think I needed a blood transfusion by the time I left there.

And now, I have a tad bit of anxiety when I go to the dentist...even when I go to my favorite hygienst...I get a little skeered. I like my gum tissue just where it is...and not on that little scraper tool they use, thankyouverymuch.

3. What is your worst memory from High School?

You know, I can't honestly remember anything terribly horrible from High School. And that means one of two things: 1) That High School really wasn't so bad afterall, or 2) That High School was so bad my psyche blocked things from my memory to protect me.

Or, perhaps I was just drunk and don't remember. Kidding!! Well, except for that one time...

Most of my bad memories are from middle the time my science teacher caught me chewing gum and made me draw a circle on the chalkboard, then stick my nose on it until he told me I could sit back down.

Gosh, think that'd fly today?!! Hmmmm...maybe we need more Mr. Enerson's in this world...teach those smart a$$ little twerps who's really in charge and put them in their place!

Ya think?

4. What do you hope to be remembered for in your life?

Hmmmmm...deep I go serious or silly?

I'm gonna go serious.

Most of all, I hope that I am remembered as a great mom. Sure, I want to be a fabulous wife too...but what I want most, is to do right by my children.

I want them to remember me as a loving, caring, leading in the right direction, good cookin' mom. I want them to tell stories to their kids about the good times they remember.

I want them to think I "raised the bar", and to, in turn, be great parents to their own kids.

My mothering is a work in progess...I hope that I never, ever, ever stop striving to better myself as a mom. And not just so I'm remembered as a great, I want to better myself because my kids deserve nothing but the best.

So "the best" is where I set my target.

5. Are you superstitious or do you have any superstitions?

Well, I don't normally think I'm an incredibly superstitious person...but, when I was thinking about this question, I realized I kinda am.

Even tho' I fight it.

For example. I don't like to open umbrellas inside. I will, in an effort to flip superstition the bird, but I don't like to.

I will also avoid walking under ladders. Unless it would make me look like a complete weirdo, I avoid it. If I must walk under a ladder, it makes me feel all uneasy.

The whole mirror breakage thing? Yeah...I try very, very hard not to break mirrors. VERY hard. I mean, GAH! who wants 7 years bad luck??? Not ME!

So, I guess, that yeah. I kinda am (okay, A LOT am) superstitious.


Okay, I hope that by the time this publishes in the morning, that my tummy is all back to it's normal, devouring everything in sight self. And I hope that YOU have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Finding a good dental hygienist is like finding a good hair stylist! Seriously! It seems like every time I go to the dentist, there's a new one. The last time I went, I asked him "what happened to (whatever her name was)?" He gives me this look and says "what did you think of her?" and I replied "um ... she was a little um ... rough." He said "exactly, I fired her 5 1/2 months ago." LOL!

  2. being a dental hygienist must just sound like a good idea, then once they actually become one they don't seem to want to do it anymore and take it out on the patient.

    have a great weekend.

  3. Just droppin' in to say hi :) Thanks for hosting!

    I have some giveaways going on if you're interested, I am trying to boost the entries!! We Don't Have It All Together They are all listed at the top of my page.

  4. I've thought about getting those books, too. Are they as good as the reviews say?

  5. LOL...I did my 5 questions, then came back to read your responses, and we were quite similar on a few! Dentist visits, in particular. :)

  6. Loved the answer about what to be remembered for!! Mine kind of mirrored yours, just not as wonderful and detailed. ;)

  7. I agree I have more worst memories from middle school than I do from high school

  8. Happy New Year, Mama M! I logged on today to get a sneak peak and realized it was Friday! Shame on me. I love all of Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta novels. Just finished Port Mortuary. Scarpetta is a medical examiner and Cornwell's detail to medical attention (not to mention all of the wonderful Italian food she describes in detail) fascinates me and keeps me coming back for more. I do go to the dentist every 6 months like clockwork. Worst high school memory: flubbing my illustrated talk on child car seat safety at the Future Homemakers of America conference (talk about uber-geek!) My public speaking skills are much improved, thank you very much! I want to be remembered as a compassionate person (mom, wife, daughter, friend, nurse, etc.). Finally, I stopped at the grocery store for a couple of items. My total was $6.66 and I almost flippped out and grabbed a pack of gum I didn't want just to change the total, so I guess I am a little superstitious LOL! I'll be back soon. Feel better so you can have a great weekend (or at least a restored health, quiet one).

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