Thursday, January 27, 2011

Evolution: I'm Regressing.

You know those little drawing they have...the evolution ones? Where the character starts as a knuckle dragging caveman/woman and evolves into a "human of today"?

(Courtesy Google Image)

Yeah, those.

I'm totally regressing on those. Not so much in the hunchback/inappropriately long arms way...but more in the "furry" way.

Seriously, you guys. The hair on my legs is growing at a ridiculous, freaky rate. I swear to you, my body is preparing for some sort of Ice Age.

"Amp up the hair growth...this chick's gonna need to keep warm!!"

Forget Global Warming...if I'm listening to my body right, the earth is gonna freeze over. And soon.

Don't worry friends...if there is an Ice Age, I'll invite you over, and we can all snuggle up in my leg hair.


  1. Not sure about snuggling up to your hair leg, but I will bring my own blanket! LOL
    Seriously though, I imagine the next thing they will try to convince the world of is an ice age...don't ya love the way they try to get people afraid of everything? What I want to know is who are THEY? LOL
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  2. ha ha ha, this had me rolling! Thanks for the laugh and the potential warmth...? :)

  3. Bahaha! I don't think anyone should expect our legs to be cleanly shaven in the winter ... especially our husbands. ;)

    But, seriously, I've started working out and realized that no one at the gym needs to see my nasty leg hair so I've started shaving regularly again. Ugh.

  4. Maybe it's just your body's reaction to that MN weather!

  5. HA! Then you'll have to change your blog surname to Mama Sasquatch!

  6. That is so gross..leg hair cuddling up to it for warmth. Ha Ha very funny stuff.

  7. Ewwwwwwwww....but yet oddly enough, very funny! I'm with ya, my knees even have hair! It's the freezing temps. Oh well!

  8. I am freezing as well. I just caught my husband dozing off and the fire almost went out. Dropped by to see if the Fridays questions were ready yet. lol

  9. hahaha :) How is your husband taking your warm cuddly leg hair? lol

  10. hahaha!! new follower to your blog.. love it.

    and we've been having (warmish) sunny weather here in cali.... sooo what's my excuse for the leg hair?? :)


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