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It's a sickness...

And one that can't be chased out with large quantities of Lysol...or Clorox...or a priest.

Hello, my name is Mama...and my addiction is:

"Despicable Me"!

(Courtesy Google Image)

Well, actually, it's not just me that's entire family is, even the teen and the baby. It hit me last night, as our ENTIRE supper conversation went something like this:

"He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!"

*explosions of laughter*

*giggle, gasp* "Wait, wait...what about this one: 'Cookie robots, I said COOKIE robots! Why are you...arg...why...why are you so...old?'"

*snorts of laughter*

"Unicorns I love them...unicorns I love them..."

"Dad...what's that one that makes you laugh everytime? You know...when no one else is laughing but you? Oh, YEAH...'I hate dat guy.'"

*cue tears of laughter*

Oh my word. Are other families like this? Do they have some sort of 12 step program for our family?

Hambone does so many of the lines perfectly, that we egg him on all day to do them!

Help. Please.

Pretty please. ("De physical appearance of de please makes no difference.")


  1. LOL! Awesome. I love that movie!!

  2. "FLUFFYYYYYYYYYYY" That's one of my favorite parts oh and of course "It was your cousin's idea." "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" (in that adorable little high pitched voice they have).

    It's such a GREAT movie I am not sure this an addiction you should fix lol

  3. ACK!! Kristy...I LOVED that one too! "WHHHAAAAAT?"! I love the whole dang movie!

  4. I have NEVER watched it... BUT with all the tweets and now a blog post about it.. it is time I broke down. I wasn't sure if it would be an E type movie but if you said baby girl is interested then maybe Emma would enjoy it. I will def. keep you posted if we watch it :)

  5. Confession: We've never seen it. Gasp! But there are many other movies we quote around the dinner table. Last night was Night at the museum. Elf is another common one. Good stuff.

  6. This should be a secret bc I have no children, "meaning, no valid excuse to go to the movies and watch movies like this one without being made fun of by my peers." But I so love this movie!

  7. We haven't watched this one yet- sounds like we need to!

  8. There are so many great lines in this's hysterical. One of my favorite moments to remember are those when the whole family is sitting around the dinner table just laughing together!

  9. Haven't watched it but now I think I might. Avoid the 12 step... Laughter is healing and wonderful. I need some of it. LOL

  10. My kids must have watched that movie no less than 10 times since we got it for Christmas!

  11. My son has watched it a few times, but I'm holding off so that we can all sit down and watch it as a family. I can't wait because it just seems so darn cute!!

  12. My baby brother makes references all the time!! I mean the other day he had a stuffed snake and you heard him scream from the other room: "It's soooo slimy, I'm gonna die!" Most hilarious thing ever!

    This has got to be one of my new favorite movies, my mom and I find the beginning with the boy to be pretty hilarious too. :P

  13. my son got the movie for christmas, and we have watched it at least 4 times a week since then. and I have the "he's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" as my cell phone ringtone. but i should have just recorded my daughter saying it because you can't really tell that there's a difference! :)

  14. Oh how I love that movie! I can guarantee that when we watched it at the theater, the adults laughed more (and louder) than the kids did. At least our little group did!

  15. i REALLY need to watch this movie!! it's on my to do list for this month as of right now...


  17. I went to see that movie without my kids. Shhhhhhh! I even added the app to my phone so I could see what the minions were saying. I have minions as my google wallpaper. Okay, maybe I need the twelve step program too. Pretty please!

  18. My grandkids got it for Christmas...maybe I should borrow it! (:>)

  19. I just watched it with the family the other night! And OH MY - WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!!!!
    I can understand the need to continue to watch it and laugh!!! and to quote it at the dinner table!

  20. We just watched it over the weekend and I LOVED it!!

  21. I SAID DART GUN, not fart...ooooh never mind...
    OH poop.

  22. I FINALLY watched that movie last night and I absolutely adore it. It is just too darn cute to not just love it! :) Me and my fiancé have been quoting from it all day. Oh and don't get me started with the little minions!!!

  23. I love this movie..especially the "is thing annoying". Having three girls around the same age..was hilarious to watch. Tangled wasnt so bad either!

  24. This post gave me the oooomph I needed to watch Despicable Me. My daughter loved it. I loved it. LIGHTBULB! :)


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