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I think there is something wrong...

With my subconscious.

Take for example, last night. First, I dreamed that Jenny, from Zach's Gang, invited me to go skiing at their Colorado home. Skiing? Me? Colorado home? Jenny? What????

I don't even know where Jenny lives for Pete's sake or if she has a home in Colorado where I could join her lovely family for a ski vacation.

But, the next dream I had? Holy moly, what did I take before bed last night!!

Okay, backstory: I've been reading some Scott Kelby photography books. Last night, right before turning out the lights, I was dying. Dying a wonderful death of tears of laughter after telling my husband one of Scott's stories (perhaps you read it: a photographer, rolling down a hill, perhaps NOT by his own misstep, who rolls into a llama...oh dear God, I'm dying all over again!!!) and I was laughing so hard I was crying.

And, my husband was laughing at ME because I was laughing so hard. Dude is funny. Scott Kelby missed his calling and instead of being a fabulous photographer/teacher, he shoulda been a comedian.

Anyway...Scott visited me last night. Yes, he came to my house, via helicopter (which landed on my ROOF) to give me sage advice on photography. Only, I was too distracted by his ridiculously gorgeous hair to pay any attention to what he was saying. And, I think he knew I distracted by his hair, because he kept running his fingers through it...

Here is the real Scott Kelby...

(Courtesy Google Image)

The Scott Kelby in my dream looked more John Stamos!

(Courtesy Google Image)

Yes, the Scott Kelby that visited me last night was insanely good looking...and he flew a helicopter and had ridiculously fabulous hair. Oh, and I forgot to mention...there was a tornado nearby when he landed his helicopter on my roof.

How can my mind make this stuff up??!!!!

(PS-Megan, I just visited Scott's website...he was at the same Colt's game you were at! But, I'm sure he's not a MegaFan!) ;)


  1. I have been meaning to point you in the direction of the website Clickin Moms. You have to pay a little to be a part of it, but it is SO SO SO WORTH IT. You can learn everything there that you will need to know about photography from the business end to photoshop.

  2. Seriously?? Stamos??? Could you have picked a guy that was such a ****smith. Dude it the male Heidi Fliess. Im just jealous. He is a stud. Dang it

  3. How funny! I often wonder where my random dreams come from :)

  4. I had a dream I was Kelly's from Kellys Korner nanny! It was crazy realistic.

  5. I am dying at the fact that you did indeed manage to link all of those people into one post!!!

    you are a crazy nut! I hope you get your wish. Maybe Scott Kelby could come visit you, let you run your fingers through his hair AND take pics of you and P-dubs bakin up some cinnamon rolls and chit-chattin like old pals.

    keep the dream alive!!!


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