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The Road Life Leads Us to...

The other day, while perusing Facebook, I came across an old..."boy". Not a boyfriend, not even a fling, someone I had completely forgotten about until I saw his name linked on someone else's page.

The summer after my big boy turned one isn't one I'm proud of, but it's certainly one that I'm quite positive led me to the amazing man I married. After spending much of my teens tied down to one boy or another, after the relationship with the Pal's dad and I ended, I found myself "sowing my wild oats".

I partied too much, stayed out too late, and generally acted very un-like a young mother should.

That summer, I was "seeing" one boy (he was NOT my boyfriend, I made that very clear to him), kissing another, and crushing on yet another. That they were all good friends with each other didn't matter to me...(note in which I save my dignity and ease your mind: kissing really IS as far as it went! I'm not THAT much of a floozy!!)...what mattered is only what I wanted.

As that summer drew to a close, I reigned in my partying ways after a talk from my mama made me think (yes mom, I DID listen!!): I needed to be more of a mama to my boy. HE was the one that mattered...not ME, not going out, not anything but that sweet little man who loved me with all of his might and every fiber of his being.

With summer ending, so did the fling, the kissing, and the crush.

College restarted and I found myself becoming more of the woman I am today. A better mom, a better friend, a better daughter...more respectful of myself and my dreams for our future. My little man deserved nothing short of the very best...and I was (am) determined to make sure he got the best mom he could get, out of the mother that life gave him.

Then, one night, the following February, I met a man that would change my life. That would knock me off my feet and continue to make me fall in love with him over and over and over again.

A man that was the answer to my prayers.

There is no doubt in my mind that God sent me my Mr. Wonderful. He is everything (and more!!) I wanted and everything I NEEDED: a strong, steady amazing dad.

Yes, God knew, all along, the path he was steering me toward. Through all those meaningless kisses, those late nights out, the "sowing my wild oats" was all part of the "plan"!

He knew...(He knows everything...He's even bigger than the Boogie Man!) and I just had to find out. I'm even more convinced, now, that that "Wild and Crazy Summer" was to show me what I DIDN'T want or need or ever care to do again.

What I wanted, needed, ended up the very road that only my wildest dreams could once take me down. And now those dreams, are my reality. That road is my life.

Funny how a random link on Facebook made me appreciate this crazy, wonderful life of mine all over again...


  1. Isn't it crazy how things work out in the end? Ah, thanks for sharing your story! I'm sure it gives hope to many woman out there who are in the same boat you were along time ago. :)

  2. Awwww... what a sweet, sweet post!

  3. Wow! I had a similar summer...and at the end of the summer met someone who was a pretty amazing boy at the time and has grown into the most remarkable man today. Aren't we lucky?

  4. That is absolutely wonderful. :O)

  5. What a sweet post! Love it! Your husband sounds wonderful!

  6. I love how that happens! How that one little thing can just make you so overwhelmed with gratefulness! Thanks so much for sharing that with us :)

  7. It's SO true. I could post an eerily similar post. Happy God sent Mr. W into your life. :)

  8. I love it! What a wonderful story. I also believe God led me to my wonderful husband.

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  10. Was it the "boy" who would stroke your hair like a wierdo when you were talking to other people? Was it that "boy"? HAhahahah . . still makes me laugh .. .alot . . .
    Thank GOD for Mr. W! Cuz I couldn't have stayed besties with someone who married a socially awkward hair stroker . . .
    and cuz Mr. W is, well, Wonderful!

  11. You were always a great Mom. Trust me, I was there.
    Love, Your mama.

  12. Love this post.

    I like coming across old crushes. Especially the ones that didn't like me back, and seeing that they're ugly and fat.


    Or that girl in highschool who was too cool to talk to me....PEAKED in highschool..

    Oh yes...facebook, I love thee.

  13. Such a sweet post and I agree with the other ladies, your husband sounds so wonderful! :]


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